Cynthia Dugan NECKLACES
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Cynthia Dugan - an essential element of celebrity style as seen on Lindsay Lohan

The line of Cynthia Dugan necklaces is inspired by a touch of her part Cherokee heritage and the incredible artistic talent of Cynthia, her partner Ginger Bort and an incredible creative team. A bit whimsical, slightly mysterious and always chic, the designer Cynthia Dugan jewelry collection is rich in portraying some of spirit of leaders of the past: Dubois, Joan of Arc and Fischer are just a few that have launched some of their line. The best quality leather, feathers, beads representing the past and sparkle gems of today are used. Lyndsay Lohan and Ashley Tisdale are just two of the celebrities wearing Cynthia Dugan.
8-5 22 seconds of style
Finders Keepers, Siwy Denim, Iro, joie - 22 Seconds of style