Enza Costa

Enza Costa

While Enza Costa tees were the first focus of this famed designer, her desire to create the perfect t-shirt, in transparent sumptuous layering of silk, cotton and cashmere made the evolution into a full line collection. The vision to create Enza Costa tanks, tops and skirts that would be eye catching, silhouette the body and comfortable, wrapped around chic styling has allowed the Enza Costa line to become world renowned and one of the cult favorites. Quality is premier and all pieces are handcrafted in the Los Angeles base, made with the best fabrics from Japan, Italy and California. Celebrities wearing the coveted Enza Costa collection include Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie.
8-5 22 seconds of style
Finders Keepers, Siwy Denim, Iro, joie - 22 Seconds of style