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Etre is an award-winning London-based design agency that specialises in making things more people friendly. They started life designing websites (and still design them to this very day, in fact). But on a cold December's morning back in 2007, they had an idea. An idea that would change their lives forever! Ahem. Picture the scene: There they were, huddled together outside their favourite coffee shop, chatting away on their mobile phones, when they noticed a problem. Every time they wanted to make a call, they had to remove their gloves so as not to fat-finger the keypad. The result: freezing cold phalanges. It was then that they had their eureka moment: Most mobile devices only require input from your index fingers and thumbs. So they snipped the tips of these digits off our gloves, et voila: They had themselves a "product"…Actually, it was a little more complicated than that, but you get the gist…
8-5 22 seconds of style
Finders Keepers, Siwy Denim, Iro, joie - 22 Seconds of style