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Gryphon’s designer, Aimee Cho, is a former Fashion Writer for Vogue Magazine, where she worked for 6 years. While Cho was still at Vogue, a brainstorming meeting about the essential building blocks of a modern wardrobe prompted an idea for a business. She realized that of the foundation pieces discussed - a tee-shirt, a cashmere knit, a tailored pantsuit, great fitting jeans, a city tote and a chic trench coat – numerous resources exist for all categories at a wide range of pricepoints except for the trench. The romantic yet strong image of the origins of the trench coat – the brave soldier protected from the elements – appealed to Cho. A vision for a brand began to emerge and Gryphon New York was born.
8-5 22 seconds of style
Finders Keepers, Siwy Denim, Iro, joie - 22 Seconds of style