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Love Heals Jewelry

It is a rare moment in time when we can find a designer that creates exquisite items and fuses it with social consciousness. Such is the designer of the Love Heals Jewelry necklaces. The Love Heals jewelry company is family owned in Ojai, California and has made a commitment to spirit, service to the earth and nature. While Love Heals Jewelry started as an organic communal farm, Adriana Goddard who is the founder and lead designer, wanted to take the concept to the next level. The Love Heals Jewelry necklaces are made of the finest quality and are handmade with incredible care to imbue the aesthetic of old-world. For each Love Heals Jewelry piece that is sold, they have 10 trees planted in Ethiopia. The Love Heals Jewelry organization has bonded with many charities, including Vitamin Angels and Generation Rescue. The artists and creators of this wonderful line realize that women have a complete connection to the jewelry they wear and it can empower them with the same spiritual nature that brings happiness and joy. Ashley Tisdale is a great follower and has been seen wearing Love Heals Jewelry.
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