Jacks & Jokers
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Jacks & Jokers - an essential element of celebrity style as seen on Oliver Busquet

Jacks & Jokers® is inspired by the historic art and imagery of the United States Playing Card Company (USPC). Each item in the collection is carefully detailed with the authentic graphics and logos that have appeared on nearly every deck of cards for over 100 years. Whether it is the iconic King on a Bicycle®, the timeless Aviator® airplane, or the classic flying Bee®, all of these graphics have woven their way into the fabric of American culture. From their humble roots in the 19th century printing shops, to their storied use as means to convey escape plans to imprisoned American soldiers during WWII, to today, when they slide across high stakes tables in Las Vegas, these cards and their images have remained unchanged and intrinsically American. It is this legacy that gives every Jacks & Jokers hat, tee, thermal, hoodie and accessory its rich, timeless feel and effortless cool.