Local Celebrity Men's SHORT SLEEVE TEES

Local Celebrity Men's

Local Celebrity started back in 2003 while the founders were at a music festival in rural Illinois – Cornerstore. They were rocking out in the middle of a corn field when inspiration struck them like heavy metal thunder, “Let’s ditch our jobs and start a t-shirt company!” Pretty much just like that they packed up their bags and headed to San Diego to move into their grandma’s ranch. After a long road-trip, a few brainstorming sessions, and a couple dozen high-fives, they came up with our first set of designs. They maxed out their credit cards, bought a screen-printing machine, and taught themselves how to make t-shirts, and that’s what started it all. All the products are produced 100% from scratch by them in LA. They buy their own ultra-premium fabrics, then cut & sew their own custom t-shirts, creating the perfect canvas for their designs! You'll notice the difference as soon as you see and feel them, if you haven't already...and you'll especially notice the difference when you're getting "snapped" all over town…. “Oh snap!! Where’d you get that shirt!?”