Jeffrey campbell shoes designer bio and information. Jeffrey campbell lita, boots and other shoes on sale.
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Jeffrey Campbell
From the moment that Jeffrey Campbell shoe designs entered the fray, there was a stop-in-your-tracks, absolutely gotta' have attitude. Shoes were no longer just an accessory to compliment an outfit, Jeffrey Campbell rearranged them to be a center of attention, and the world has never been the same since.

Each collection was a work of art, with all of the flair of creativity and convergence that is required in a dramatic force.
Fabrics, blends, leathers, suedes and studs alter sneakers to high brow and fast fun. Color combinations, fringes and straps turned boots into a trendsetting look. The addition of mesh, lace and ponytail fringe exploded the JC shoes into a previously unforeseen arena.

JC shoes and boots have created an evolution and a revolution, and the collections touch the soul with their variations, moods and addressing that internal need to be different. Picking your fav is almost impossible:


Jeffrey Campbell designs have catapulted an electric wildfire of social media and blogs in an immediate attention that has shaken the world like a wild and beautiful storm. The fashion blogs have been lit with fire as the trend setting explosion:

Twitter and Facebook are lit with posts, info, comments and alerts for the new arrivals, as Jeffrey Campbell brings-it-on to the world:

The foundation of Jeffrey Campbell designs is the collective conscious of everyone that wears his creations. The genesis is not production, but an art of imagination, color and life that is inspired by those that wear Jeffrey Campbell. In a world where fashion often becomes another corporate name and design is a topic for a board meeting agenda, Jeffrey Campbell remains true to the creative soul that entices his followers on a global scale.

The Los Angeles based company is a renowned international brand, but the flair of genius that makes Jeffrey Campbell a success is due to the total concentrically focused individual. The descriptions that have been associated with Jeffrey Campbell designs have encompassed unique, rare and visionary and the styles have set a whole new level for the fashion playing field.

The JC following has grown exponentially around the world. Details never before seen in the shoe universe were appearing and globally worn and the fashion industry took notice. Jeffrey Campbell designs have been published internationally in such mags as:

  • • InSide
  • Vivi

SINGER22 has added the Jeffrey Campbell collections for our customers that seek to break the rules of fashion. You won't find another website that offers you the choices to make your own fashion statements: So many to choose: From the Alva High Top with Studs and Venice Hidden Wedge sneakers, the many looks of the fav Lita shoe selections (on everyone's wishlist), Volpe Bootie, Wishlist Bootie, Blush Bootie to the Ponytail Shoe in Black Suede (and more) Jeffrey Campbell designs run the gamut from fun, to rock 'n roll, to chic, sleek and absolutely cool. The addition of the Girls We Hated In High School handbags and backpacks have been the icing on the cake for the JC collection. Sharp, colorful and attention grabbers, they have been seen on streets and resorts around the world.

JC believers look to each season for what will blast fashion with the immediate buzz on the streets. Blogs, commentaries, paparazzi and celebrities wait with eager anticipation for each creative blueprint of the artist that will become the next trend. No other designer has taken shoes into such a distinctive universe as Jeffrey Campbell. SINGER22 brings the JC excitement to you in all of the splendor, glory and edge that you absolutely want.

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