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Be “Pretty in Pink” in New Madison Marcus!

10:43 AM

Madison Marcus

I adore being a girl! What better way to celebrate all thinks pink and fabulous than having a chance to wear something so delightful and girl as the new Madison Marcus Taffy Pink Ruche Top! Perfect with denim or a skirt!

Available Now: The Madison Marcus Taffy Pink Ruche Top @ Singer 22

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Can’t Get Enough of Loeffler Randall’s Chic Boots? Neither Can We!

9:37 PM

Loeffler Randall

Meet your newest Loeffler Randall obsession: The Penelope Flat Boot! Chic is always best when comfy – and these flat boots retain style while keeping you able to walk the city streets – who can say no to that?

Available Now: The Loeffler Randall Penelope Flat Boot With Zip Back @ Singer 22

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MUST HAVE of the Moment: Mystique’s Turquoise and Gold Tile Thong!

1:30 AM


Think of the Mystique Turquoise and Gold Thong as your instant look upgrade. Like a fine handbag or an amazing piece of jewelry – the Mystique thong instantly and easily dresses up any look – casual or couture! Why be bland with basic flip flops when you can be fabulous (and comfortable!) in Mystique?

Available Now: Mystique's Turquoise and Gold Tile Thong @ Singer 22

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Time to Lose the Red String.

8:37 AM

Remember those delicate gold bracelets featuring half a heart and either the word “best” or “friend”?  The ones you’d proudly share with your best friend in grade school?

Well, we may have outgrown the so-cute-you-could-puke cut-in-half heart accessories, but the urge to share a jewel with your best friends hasn’t gone away.  So, take a cue from uber stylish Audrina Patridge!  Giving the bracelets to her amigo Lauren Conrad, she’s chosen to recreate the friendship bracelet with Orka Mesica’s sophisticated gold and black circle bracelets.  Each bracelet symbolizes rebirth, success, and creation – lovely sentiments to share with a valued buddy.

And, if you don’t have any friends… the bracelet is still a great everyday accessory.  More fashion for you!


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Time to Go Greek: Voom by Joy Han Pegasus Dress

11:43 PM

Maybe it’s a symptom of a public school education, but when I see Pegasus I don’t think “beautiful representation of ancient Greek theology”… instead I think it’s a picture of Rainbow Brite’s winged horse. Either way, Voom has created two dresses worthy of both ancient cultures (the 80s is ancient, right?). Colorful, flowy, and easy-to-wear, Voom’s trapeze frocks channel both the goddess and tribal trend. (Both of which you will be seeing a lot of come Spring.) Pair them with some sexy gold sandals and you’ll be sure to find your own Adonis or thrill the one you’ve already got.

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Lindsay Lohan’s New Fave Sunglasses? Jee Vice’s “Evil” Sunglasses! Think It’s a Sign?

9:25 PM


Lindsay Lohan has been seen wearing the new “Evil” style by Jee Vice lately!  We can’t help but wonder if there is some sort of message behind all of this!  “Evil” or not – we love the look!


Available Now:  Jee Vice’s “Evil” Sunglasses at Singer 22 

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Lauren Conrad’s Alice + Olivia Hills Finale Dress is Now Available at Singer 22!

9:07 PM


Lauren Conrad’s lavish grey goddess dress by Alice + Olivia is now available at Singer 22!  Lauren looked ever-so-chic with her silver strappy sandals!


Available Now:  The Alice + Olivia Grey Bustier Drape Dress at Singer 22  

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New Mike & Chris Jackets @ Singer22

5:14 AM

What do Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Hudgens have in common besides an affection for personal photography of questionable taste?  (And an inability to keep those photos personal.)  They both love Mike & Chris.  And I’m talking about the uber-cool line of luxurious hoodie alternatives, not two of Paris Hilton’s castoff boytoys.

After all, if you don’t have a Mike & Chris jacket in your closet, you might just get your fashionista certification revoked.  The innovative line melds street chic with the high end, culminating in a collection buttery leathers and versatile styles that are a wardrobe staple.  So make sure to find a place for Hudgens’ Edison jacket or Lindsay’s Jude in this season’s closet.


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Not Your Mom’s Jeans

4:59 AM

Wide leg, high waisted jeans are giving the skinny and boot-cut some high-style competition.  They’ve evolved from that embarrassing pair your mom used to wear to drive your brother to soccer practice and become the domain of true fashionistas.  And for good reason!  Not only does the higher waist eliminate the odious muffin top phenomenon invented by low-rise jeans, but the wide legs balance out fuller hips while disguising womanly thighs.  Hearkening back to the carefree 70s, this style is both figure friendly and curve enhancing.  (After all, try creating an alluring hourglass shape with low-rise flares…hard, eh?)

Every fashion forward celeb from Gwen Stefanie to J-Lo to Eve has been spotted wearing the trend.  By far my favorite is style star Kate Bosworth’s pair by 18th Amendment.  Retro and funky, they’re addiction in denim form.  Worn with a plaid blouse (a la Miss Bosworth), a fitted jacket, or even a plain white t-shirt, the stitching and detailing will instantly update your look.

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