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The Singer22 Spring Forecast

6:48 PM

Spring officially springs into action March 20th, but the spring trends have already been played out by all the major leaguers of fashion. The style set understands the yin and yang of fashion, and this season is no different. With hemlines both high and low, jeans skinny and wide, and tops short and long, the rules may have changed, but the game is still the same. Every season, we get to catch a sneak preview of what we'll be wearing, without ever attending a single runway show. Being hot and young in Hollywood has its privledges, and these lucky ladies get the luxury of scoring fashion's first-dibs.

From top to bottom here is the hit list for Spring 2009 as seen on all of our favorite girls. Headgear has never been more prevalent, than for Spring 09. Fedoras add a jaunty jolt to any ensemble, and double as a distinguished disguise for even the worst hair days. Eugenia Kim creates these “crowns,” adorned by Hollywood's royalty, including Queen Bee Cameron and Lady in Waiting Vanessa Hudgens. Nicole Richie's, House of Harlow, takes a different approach, with both Gold and Brass headpieces- hippie hair-jewelry for the 21st century. And if jewelry for your hair doesn't top your list, there are plenty of other precious pieces to be had in Ms Richie's debut collection. Fiona Paxton has also taken Hollywood by storm with her Indian-inspired beaded necklaces. The Sylvie drapes the necks of both Hillary Duff and Isla Fischer, while Drew fully rocks on in Fiona's Coco necklace.

Spring scarves are no longer a trend, but a fashion necessity- since the debut of Lovequotes, there has not been a bare-neck on either coast. Tolani, in a variety of prints and designs, have also been keeping celebs like Sienna, Nicole, and Jessica looking cool on warm spring days. And what would a spring day be without the perfect tee? All hail the king, David Lerner, the haute new designer's organic tees are cropping up on everyone-Vanessa, Nicki, Megan, Shanae, and Halle. And if his tee's didn’t suck you in, than his leggings definitely will.

Irrefutably, NOT on the bottom of any spring shopping list, shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Ever since Vanessa Hudgen's stepped out in Report Signature's Randolph Sandal the wait-list officially began. Lindsay loves her Madison Harding flat fringe sandal, a definite trend for spring. In addition, studs are also an important statement, and Kettle Black does them on sandals, and kicks it up a notch on Converse high tops.

Whatever your vibe, the spring forecast is looking both hot and cool- so spring ahead and start shopping… NOW!

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House of Harlow 1960! Nicole Richie’s Super Chic Jewelry Line at Singer22

9:00 PM

Nicole Richie came on to the scene, first as celebutant wild child, then as the sidekick to Paris Hilton on “The Simple Life”. That was then… Today, Nicole Richie is a household name, not as Lionel's daughter, but as one of the most enviable Fashionista's on the planet. She rivals those that share the title of Fashion Maven and Uber Trend Setter, like Kate, Sienna, Gwyneth, and Posh. Her innate style is consistently “Nicole”, with a definite bohemian vibe, and almost a cult-like following. Big Sunglasses, piles of jewels, and a “hippie-chick” sensibility to style, it's obvious why the fashion community has embraced her as one of their own. And now, as designer to The House of Harlow 1960, she has officially been inducted into “The Fashionista Hall of Fame.”

In case you've been living under a rock or have never seen a tabloid, House of Harlow was named for her daughter (Harlow) with boyfriend, Joel Madden. The collection was inspired by her love of vintage jewelry especially from the 1960's and 1970's. Not only did Nicole create the line, but is also constantly seen wearing pieces from her debut collection.

Starbursts are one of many themes, the oversized gold cocktail ring with a black leather starburst makes an obvious statement. Nicole layers all of the pieces together, which work in-synch with one another. She does that here with the Black/Gold Sunburst Station Necklace and the Gold Medallion Pendant necklace, yet another theme.  Whether worn with a tee-shirt and jeans or a free flowing maxi dress, the Gold-plated Medallion earrings are as “Easy as Sunday Morning.”

Leather is used in both the Riveted Gladiator Cuff, as well as the Hinged Cuff as a cool play on texture and design. And what would a jewelry collection, designed by Nicole Richie be without bangles? The thick-stacked bangles come in gold, rose gold, and palladium, and the colorful Aztec bracelets, again use leather to add depth and contrast. When asked, Nicole said favorites in the collection are definitely the headpieces. She looks absolutely ethereal in the 6 Strand Coin headpieces. There is alsothe 5 Strand beaded head piece , that is just as show stopping, with a little less drama.

The House of Harlow has plans to expand into sunglasses, belts, bags, and clothing. But before expanding the collection, Richie and Madden are expanding their family. So stay tuned for Harlow the big sister and House of Harlow the future mega brand, all courtesy of Nicole Richie.

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The Art of FluXus

8:54 PM

There is nothing ordinary about FluXus, name included. FluXus was derived from one of the most radical art movements of the 1960's. Blending together different artistic mediums, FluXus celebrates the relationship between everyday life and all forms of art. Specializing in avant-garde basics, FluXus is uncomplicated, yet unique like those who wear. Not surprising, a celebrity favorite. Cool and casual like the young hip starlets that adorn- FluXus is a staple on the sidewalks of Hollywood. With careers red hot, the only time these hotties feel burnt-out is when wearing their Burnout Tees, available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Nicole, Hillary, and Rachel, each take a different spin on the Burnout Pocket Tank.  Oops she did it again, not Britney but Rachel, Bilson is yet again, burnt-out, but this time in the Pocket Tee. Fellow groupies include Jessica Biel and LC, who paired her's with skinny minis, peep toe pumps, and oversized accessories for a more dressed up look. The beautiful and talented Miss RiRi wears the Cap Sleeve Burnout with an armful of bracelets to waive off her adoring fans. With the vest in full comeback mode, FluXus offers a variety, with a twist on grandpa's fave. Leighton and Vanessa both look young, and stylish in their Papa vest, sans the mothballs. The Cardigan dress/vest was an instant hit with young Hollywood, including Justin's main squeeze, due in fact to the unique styling and obvious versatility. The newest addition, the Drape T-Back Tie front Vest , is already on radar to be the next must-have. And feeling a little chilly, warm up in the Tri-blend Bias Wrap, like Nicole did, sorry baby Harlow not included This spring channel your inner artist and chant the mantra of Fluxus- "Creating FluXus is an art and wearing Fluxus is an art."

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Siwy- Jean-Junkies and Denim-Heads Only

4:54 PM

No two denim lines are created equal, and some “rise” higher in the ranks than others, any jean-junkie can tell you that. If asked which reign supreme-Siwy, is always on the top of every denim-head’s hit list. The fab washes and attention to detail are just part of the equation that has created such a frenzy amongst the style-set. Born in downtown NYC and created in So Cal, Siwy offers the best of both worlds, a hipster edge with laid-back styling. Its no wonder Siwy has set the fashion world on fire, with quilted pockets that lift the bum, and seams that seem to follow every woman’s curves. With no doubt, there is a reason the A-Team of fashion has flocked to this brand.


Moss, Richie, Miller, Bilson, the celeb fan-club goes on and on… Kate has clearly exceeded her allotted “one-time-only-wear,” in fashion-fare, sporting the popular Hannah Crop over again, in both Kiss and Jet Black wash. Such a fan, she does the same with her Camilla Wonder shorts, worn both with and without tights. Sienna, of course, looks effortlessly chic in the Hannah Crop, in Rain Wash with a chubby fur and black booties. Rachel, on the other hand, does both, the Drainpipe and the Rose jean in casual cool. And only Nicole can totally ROCK OUT the Brigitte Mini Romper in a white v-neck and black Balenciaga, for a chance curbside stroll.


Spring ’09 has been a turning point for Siwy, with trend-setting washes. The beloved Hannah has been updated with both a splash of bleach, hence the Wow Wash and an attack of the scissors in Snowstorm. Cutoffs have also been on top of the list, with a twist. The Camilla has bleached, torn, and adorned. However you take your denim, straight up or on the rocks, Siwy has definitely got the jean for you!

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LnA- Move Over Hanes… There’s Something Leaner!

8:02 PM

Every so often a new collection of tee shirts hit the scene and fashionistas start shaking in their stilettos. Regardless if your style is more Olivia Palermo than Lauren Conrad, there is one common denominator that threads together all lines of fashion- the tee shirt. It is the staple garment that separates the boys from the men, or in fashion terms the LNA form the Hanes. LnA is the hottest thing in “basic tees” since JBrand launched their first collection of skinny jeans. The brainchild of two SoCal natives, this colorful, flattering collection has established a loyal following among Hollywood elite.


The deep V tee in a rainbow of colors became an instant hit when MK showed off  the simple but sexy style with an oversized cross and high-waisted skirt. Kim Kardashian looks super cute in the short sleeve crew and dark denim. And once again the maven of style, Miss Kate, takes LnA’s sleeveless tank to all new fashion heights- short shorts, tights, and jazzy flats- who else? 


Since one cannot exist on a tee shirt alone, the uber duo expanded their utter brilliance into the trend du jour- leggings. And these ain’t your leggings, circa 1988. Once, only thought of for the gym, or the tween set, LnA has since changed the face of leggings forever. Audrina Patridge has the right idea keeping it casual in Zipper Leggings. Dress the same pair up for a night out on the Strip, as did Lo and Hillary. The cropped zipper, are the clear-cut alternative to capris jeans, rock and roll edge free of charge. If leggings weren’t enough to keep your palette whet, LnA continued their roll with body hugging pencil skirts. The zipper skirt and the pencil skirt with a liquid look, are both equal parts sexy and stylish.


With spring just around the corner, LnA kicks it up a notch with the Olivia trashed legging and the Ripped Zipper legging- all one of a kind. And looking for an excusive tee, hand torn, the LnA ripped short sleeve crew comes in both black and white.


Keep this part under wraps- LnA select styles are on mega sale – so scoop ‘em up and start your collection before all sold out!

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Mike & Chris- Long Live the Hoodie!

9:02 AM


Mike & Chris- Long Live the Hoodie!


Your first “hoodie” goes down in the books with other memorable firsts-your first boyfriend, first cell phone, first kiss. The classic hooded sweatshirt is a necessity in any wardrobe, but for the fashion forward it can’t be just any “hoodie”- it must be Mike & Chris!  What started with a hoodie for the hipster set has grown into a must-have collection for all of young Hollywood.


From fleece sweatshirts, next on the radar for Mike & Chris was what else, but leather hoodies. The Dylan leather jacket hit the streets of both Hollywood and NYC with a vengeance. Kristin, Jessica and even Saint Angelina have all been seen donning their Dylan. Paris, on the other hand, dressed up the Jesse, pairing it with a long floral dress and yet again with a short ‘lil sexy number. Ashlee rocked hers in a matching outfit with hubby Pete Wentz. All hail the queen- the queen of fashion- Kate Moss loves her Singer 22 Exclusive Kian leather hoodie, and looks smoking hot in leather leggings and suede wedges. Speaking of exclusive, Keira Knightley lives in her Singer 22 Exclusive Maxwell jacket. Vanessa is also a fan and of course, wouldn’t be seen in anything less than exclusive, which is why she loves her indigo Edison.


There is more to Mike & Chris than just the hoodie. The husband and wife team keep expanding into other genres and whether it is leather, fleece, denim, or what have you, they are always on the pulse of fashion and stay true to their cool sub-culture roots. For Spring ’09, woven seems to be the theme, in both leather and denim. The Gibson denim jacket is on the top 10 of everyone’s spring shopping list. If leather is what you’re craving, the saddle tan Chapman is the ultimate go-to spring coat. With this season being all about the “Boyfriend Blazer,” Mike & Chris’ Sammy is definitely going to be the coolest “kid on the block.” Short shorts and ruffled plaid blouses round out the collection. So if you want to be on the top of your game this spring, need you look further than Mike & Chris?

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“Cause You’re Hot and You’re Cold…”

6:10 PM

On February 2nd of every year we eagerly anticipate the fate of winter- will he or wont he? On pins and needles we wait to hear if Mr. Groundhog can see his shadow. In that case, boot season lives on an additional six weeks. If no shadow in sight, we can start transferring cashmere for cotton.  Either way, this presents the never-ending quandary…what to wear? 


‘Tis the season for “Transitional Dressing”-this tricky time of year when the season and our dress code are both in limbo.  How does one keep warm when it’s still too cool to bust out your Madison Harding fringe thongs, but at the same time tired of piling on bulky sweaters? Help is here, courtesy of our favorite celebs, who seem to effortlessly pull off this tough test of fashion. 


Erin Wasson incorporated her KAiN pocket tank with the season’s hottest look, a boyfriend blazer, trashed jeans and rough and tough lace up boots to keep her toesies toasty. Both Hilton sisters wear their Sauce tunic with leggings and a seemingly familiar trend of the “segue-season” the leather jacket. Jessica looks super cool traipsing through the airport (where “transitional dressing” meets new highs) in her Veda Maximillian leather jacket, while Shenae warms up her floral dress in surprising green leather by Alice + Olivia.


Simply adding a scarf to any ensemble adds instant chic with the bonus factor of keeping warm. Ashley and Rachel both LOVE their Love Quotes-almost like candy, you cant have just one! And Fashion Goddess Nicole Richie accessorizes with a zebra print Tolani scarf and adorable baby Harlow in tow.


Always a way to freshen up the wardrobe and add new life to what now seems stale, is denim, denim and more denim. Only Sienna can pair Genetic's cigarette leg in silver, with a floppy hat, ray-bans, and red boots and manage to look smoking hot, regardless of what the thermometer says. Kate Bosworth looks, as usual, effortless in J Brand’s thrasher jeans combined with gray pieces and a bold-colored scarf. Style icons and “besties” Katie and Victoria both wear PRPS boyfriend fit in Rusty River. Katie keeps it city cool with an oversized v-neck sweater and ballet flats while on the west coast Victoria rocks it with a What Comes Around tee.


If all else fails and you’re still in a seasonal slump, do like Hillary and go for the ultimate statement bag- a Ted Rossi python tote which looks both hot and cool 365 days a year!

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