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In Love with Wildfox Tees at

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Shop Wildfox Love Potion No. 9 Tees at

Shop Wildfox Love Potion No. 9 Tees at

I’ll admit it: I’m a total sucker for super-soft tees. So when Wildfox Couture (formerly Whitehorse) introduced the super-soft t-shirt that’s acceptable for more than just your emergency Starbucks run, I immediately jumped on that bandwagon.

Audrina Patridge, Miley Cyrus, and Kourtney Kardashian have already rocked the Wildfox Love Potion No. 9 Crew Neck Tee in Dirty White and Neon Pink with an I’ve-had-this-forever (but really it’s brand new) SoCal aura. This style is also available in dirty black. V-necks variations on the Love Potion No. 9 theme include: Wildfox Love Potion No. 9 V-Neck Tee in Dirty White and Wildfox Love Potion No. 9 Small Logo V-Neck Tee in Dirty White and Neon Pink.

All of these and even more Wildfox Couture available at It’s official — I’m smitten.

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The Skinny on J Brand at

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Celebrity Style J Brand available at!

Celebrity Style J Brand available at!

I’ve long considered my J Brand skinnies the Holy Grail of all the jeans in my laundry pile, so when the designer duo decided to get literal, I wasn’t too stunned. With irresistibly bleached, shredded, and distressed detailing throughout, I’d venture to say that a statement like these requires little else to get your point across, whatever it may be. It hasn’t taken long for some of the hottest celeb personalities to slip—rather, to squeeze into a pair of these rocker-chic fall essentials.
When it comes to intentionally destroyed denim, less may in fact be more in order to avoid a disheveled appearance or those horrifying last pages of Us Weekly, but remember, fashion icons are not mortals.
The J Brand 12” Torn Ripped Skinny Jean (as seen on Victoria Beckham) spices up the singer / designer / luckiest-wife-in-the-world’s otherwise ultra-posh demeanor (ok, let me have the easy one). Delightfully dark from sunglass to pump, Beckham ups the ante with a keep-back-at-least-ten-feet fur vest. To achieve this look, check out's Vince Mongolian Fur Vest in Black. But for those of you intimidated by PETA, try some less furry, more sparkly outerwear, like the Gryphon Slouchy Sequin Bomber in Black.
Rihanna tops off this same J Brand Torn pair of jeans with a structured sleeveless blazer, as does our favorite tabloid angel Lindsay Lohan, who rocks the J Brand 12” Pencil Leg Ripped Tie Dye Skinny Jean in Zombie. Note: when buying a blazer, go for versatility and durability, like the Vince ¾ sleeve boyfriend blazer in black.
If grunge-glam is too Courtney Love for your taste (or too Taylor Momsen of yesteryear to you biddies), offset an otherwise hard core look by adding an unexpectedly feminine accessory, like a scarf with a vibrant pattern. Singer22 offers the Tolani lipstick scarf in Mauve to help you emulate how Kim Kardashian femmes up her J Brand 12” Torn Ripped Skinny Jean (also available in white and dark vintage). Or try a rich, solid hue, like the timeless Love Quotes Scarf in Bordeaux (but available in more colors than there are skittles), which also happens to perfectly complement Ashley Tisdale’s J Brand 12″ Pencil Leg Ripped Tie Dye Skinny Jean in Zombie.
At the risk of sounding like some fashion related horror movie victim, Kate Bosworth and Heidi Klum opt for the equally violently named J Brand 12” Pencil Leg Ripped Tie Dye Skinny Jean in Thrasher. Such a frightening collection must mean we’re rapidly approaching All Hallow’s Eve. And although any of J Brands skinnies would make the perfect costume if you’re planning on dressing as Tori Amos, our featured celebrity sweethearts have softened these serious jeans by throwing on a cozy, luxe sweater (girls after my own heart) like Singer22’s featured Goddis Montana Short Pocket Sweater in Charcoal.
With such unpredictable possibilities, J Brand has me thinking Holy-Moly! (Yes, in the cheesiest way imaginable).

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Must Have Alice + Olivia Embellished Tees at

9:22 PM
Retro-chic Alice + Olivia Embellished Tees available at

Retro-chic Alice + Olivia Embellished Tees available at

Can never decide which bling to add to your thing? Let Alice + Olivia make that decision for you with their new-for-fall embellished tees. Back in the olden days, little detachable collars were made to help decorate an uptight crew neck sweater set, but hey, it's 2009, and Alice + Olivia have taken this concept to the next level.

Alice + Olivia Embellished Neck Tee (detail shown above, click to see the entire top…it's my fave!) Retro chic rhinestone garnished (some prong set) with sparkling sequins make up the collar of this fab tee. Sexy back keyhole closure and 100% cotton.

Alice + Olivia Big Stone Necklace Tank in Black (sorry, not shown). The 100% cotton basic black tank gets kicked up with large faceted acrylic stones and silver tulle applied to a black satin ribbon. Necklace is detachable if you feel the need to try it with something else.

Alice + Olivia Painted Face and Bow Tee in White. Generous scoop neckline allows one to wear this 100% cotton tee in the Flashdance style. The painted face nods to Marilyn Monroe and features pearl, rhinestone, mirror, and sequin detailing. Dramatic satin taffeta bow has unfinished fringe at the ends and rhinestone embellishment at the knot.

Alice + Olivia Flower Necklace Tee. The necklace on this tee has a total vintage vibe… I'm talking the 1950s, then again in the 70s. The flowers are made up of white acrylic resin and light gray acrylic cabochon petals with centers of pronged rhinestones, all of which are applied to a white satin ribbon. Easily detachable, this stunning necklace can be worn with other outfits. However, it looks so great with this 30% wool and 70% acrylic tee, why even bother.

Yes, a tee is a basic garment, but once adorned, the simple tee becomes the focal point of any ensemble, so feel free to wear any of these Alice + Olivia embellished tees with your fave denim or leggings. And for you Martha Stewart handy gals, don't waste your time trying to embellish a tee at home, it will never look just right.

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Vince Motorcross Leather Jackets Rock

8:06 PM
Vince Motorcross Leather Jackets

Vince Motorcross Leather Jackets

We've got the perf leather jacket to wear with your motocross jeans…or to wear with anything for that matter.  The Vince Motorcross Leather Jacket available in army green and charcoal. This chic buttery soft 100% lambskin cropped jacket features a stand collar, double zip front, seam pockets, zippered chest pockets, zipper cuffs, and adjustable waist tabs (to tweak for extra sleek). Aside from your fave denim (moto or other), wear this leather must have with a mini or leggings, a tee, and boots; or go sophisticated with the Vince pencil skirt in black and heels.

Be sure to check out's great selection of edgy motocross jeans, including…
Rockstar Denim “Singer22 Exclusive” Ripped Biker Zip Bottom Jean in gray (Exclusive as in only available at
Rockstar Denim “Singer22 Exclusive” Ripped Biker Zip Bottom Jean
Rockstar Denim Biker Zip Bottom Tie Dye Jean
Rockstar Denim Biker Zip Bottom Jean in Gray
Dylan George Cara Moto Skinny Jean in Capri Wash
Vintage1 Motorcycle Skinny Jean in Crashorama as seen on Kate Hudson
Vintage1 Motorcycle Zipper Skinny Jean in Blue Exhaust as seen on Shenae Grimes and Rhianna
Vintage1 Motostreet Skinny Jean in Speed Wash as seen on Cameron Diaz
Black Orchid Black Rider Biker Skinny Jean in Hydrogen

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LnA Rocks Fall 2009

7:59 PM

Check out the behind the scenes video of LnA's Fall 2009 Look Book Photo Shoot with special guest Liverpool England's rock trio The Delta Fiasco. Turn up the volume and watch all of your fave LnA styles in action!  Inlcuding:

LnA Short Sleeve Tee Dress in Cardboard and White

LnA Ripped Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee in White or Black NOTE: This tee is a “Singer22 Exclusive” as in you can't get in anywhere but here!

LnA Side Tail Tank Available in 4 colors!

LnA Side Tail Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee Available in 3 colors!

LnA Zipper Back Long Sleeve Tee Available in 3 colors!

LnA Lace Zipper Legging in Black Lacey and sexy!

LnA Lace Zipper Biker Shorts in White and Black More lacey and sexy!

LnA Ripped Zipper Leggings in Flat Black NOTE: Another “Singer22 Exclusive”

LnA Lace Thigh High Leggings in Black More lacey and sexy!

After you finished watching the video, let me know if I've missed anything! And don't forget…receive a FREE LnA Tee with your LnA purchase of $100 or more (while supplies last), compliments of LnA and!

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Celebrity Style David Lerner Leggings

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Get Celebrity Style David Lerner Leggings at

Get Celebrity Style David Lerner Leggings at

As we all know, leggings are a must must must have wardrobe staple, and the David Lerner Collection has the perfect pair for everyone. You can instantly add that summer frock to your fall repertoire by just adding leggings and a leather jacket.

Fashion forward legging man David Lerner has quite the slew of celebrities wearing his designs including Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Shenae Grimes, and more. (Starlettes also love David Lerner's 100% organic hemp tees). The style icons above are all wearing David Lerner Multi Zipper Leggings in Black. Gold tone metal zippers are found on the thigh, and side/derriere, and there is seam detailing on front and back. This multi-zip legging is also available in black latex.

David Lerner Hook and Eye Legging in Black as seen on Nicky Hilton. This legging has a hook and eye closure at the outside hem.

David Lerner Riding Supplex Legging in Black. This style has seam detailing and latex riding patches at the inner leg (patches like you would find on a pair of riding britches). These would look amazing paired with Steven Dann Riding Boots (also available at for a contemporary yet classic look.

David Lerner Tuxedo Leggings in Black. These are so cute and are perfect for dressing up (and I can't believe I'm saying this but, think holidays!)

David Lerner Basic Leggings in Black and Charcoal As the description says, these are basic and if you don't already own a pair of basic black leggings by now… I just don't know what to say except where have you been, get these today. For you basic legging ladies who want to take basic to the next level, check out David Lerner Tie Dye Basic Leggings.

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New Arrivals from Celebrity Fave Lauren Moshi

1:18 AM
New Arrivals from Hollywood Hot Lauren Moshi

New Arrivals from Hollywood Hot Lauren Moshi

Hollywood fave designer Lauren Moshi adds her signature “Skull & Chains” and the new “Camera Girl” to a few must have silhouettes this season. Every print is originally hand drawn by Lauren Moshi making each garment an original piece of made in the U.S.A. artwork!

My preference of the new arrivals is the Lauren Moshi V-Neck Skull Chain Knit Sweater in Grey. I love the cozy heavier knit (perfect for cooler temperatures), deep V-neck, and the seam detailing along the cuffs and above the bottom edge. Printed with black ink with metallic silver ink accents on grey 50% cotton, 50% modal.

Lauren Moshi Short Sleeve Swing Tee with Skull Chain Print in White. This scoop-neck swinger also has Ms. Moshi's hallmark skull and chains motif only this time it's printed with black and metallic gold ink. 100% mircomodal.

Lauren Moshi Camera Girl Cotton Swing Tank in Black. You need to see the back of this tank because it's not your typical back of the tank —  the shoulder straps are stitched into the back of the bodice as opposed to a shoulder seam — very cute! 100% cotton printed with white and metallic silver ink.

Lauren Moshi Skull Swing Tank as seen on Lindsay Lohan is 100% cotton and is printed with off-white and metallic gold ink. Also available as a white tank printed with black ink and metallic gold ink accents. Both have the sexy straps in the back.

Copy cat the Hilton sisters, Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus, Halle Berry or Ashley Tisdale by wearing any of these Lauren Moshi arrivals with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans and you will be jet set!

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Get Ashlee Simpson’s Style at

12:38 AM
Ashlee Simpson's Style Available at

Ashlee Simpson's Style Available at

Word has it that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is the hottest star on the revamped Melrose Place and Laura Leighton (Sydney) is out to pasture. But I'm not a tabloid reporter, I'm here to talk fashion. Even though Ashlee and her sister Jessica tied for 3rd on celebrity fashion critic Richard Blackwell's (Rest in Peace Mr. Blackwell) list of the worst dressed celebs in 2004, Ashlee has come a long way since then, as attested by this cute late 80s inspired skate pop punk style, now referred to as emo fashion.

The Denim: Ashlee's wearing Jet by John Eshaya Thrasher Jeans in Grey. As we know, the Thrasher and everything by John Eshaya is a hot commodity with most celebrities… Nicky Hilton has also been seen wearing Jet by John Eshaya Thrasher Jeans in Grey, and Nicky has a pair of black Thrashers. And I may as well remind you that offers an EXCLUSIVE Jet by John Eshaya Thrasher jean in white, as seen on Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. And there's more… Thrasher is also available in Dark Clean as seen on Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

The Shoes: What Comes Around Goes Around High Top Studded Sneaker — These classic Chuck Taylor All Star black canvas Converse high tops are embellished with small brass pyramid studs… the ultimate in tough-chic! You're beau will want to order himself a pair as well, but too bad dude, these only go up to women's size 10 (which is about an 8 is a guy size).

The Jacket: Have you picked up  your essential leather jacket? You have the rest of your life to wear it so what are you waiting for? Check out celebrity favorite Mike & Chris Garth Lambskin Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Black — you will not go wrong with this one.

The Tee: Another wardrobe staple is one or more great white Tees and KAiN Label Pocket Tee delivers. Made of 90% modal and 10% silk, it's also available in black, grey (as seen on Victoria Beckham), walnut, pink, and navy. Lindsay Lohan has the white KAiN Label Pocket Tee fyi.

The Bag: Didn't intend on this being such a sporty post, but up next we've got the Linea Pelle Dylan Large Bowling Bag in Black (as seen on Lindsay Lohan). This enzyme washed (for a vintage look) Italian leather bag features solid brass hardware and is buttery soft. Also available in coconut, and at 13Hx15Lx5W, one might be able to stuff a bowling ball in here, but don't try it on my account, I'm just saying…

The Necklace: Lastly, Ashlee is wearing one necklace and since I'm playing paper dolls, we're going to accessorize with another celeb fave designer Jennifer Zeuner — in particular, the Jennifer Zeuner Mini Hamsa Diamond Necklace in Silver. In case you are wondering, the Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and is often incorporated in jewelry as a defense against the evil eye. (Thank you Wikipedia). Must go for now, Melrose is on tonight!

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It’s Always a Pleasure Doing Business at

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Pleasure Doing Business available at

Pleasure Doing Business available at

Since their debut earlier this year, these Pleasure Doing Business minis have certainly taken everyone and their mother by storm — Mary Kate is wearing the Pleasure Doing Business 5 Band skirt in hot pink for crying out loud, and we all know she can wear anything she wants!

Made out of polyester and rubber (wonder if it's recycled), this great wardrobe staple comes in five fab colors, as well as a thin black and white stripe and black/white pinstripe. These skirts are totally 80s inspired, but in the 80s lycra was all the rage. The very affordable price point will allow you to get more than one! Dress them up with a lacey top like Rihanna, or pair with a tee for a laid back look. For a real 80s flashback, wear with leggings, Loeffler Randall Maribel D-Ring Belted Bootie in Black Calf, and a leather jacket.

The Pleasure Doing Business Black and White Small Stripe Skirt as seen on Kristin Cavallari, Ashley Tisdale, and Rihanna is shipping next week, as is the Pleasure Doing Business High Waist Pinstripe Skirt in Black/White as seen on Rihanna. So hurry and place that pre-order now, these will be moving quickly! It's always a Pleasure Doing Business!

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Get Paris’ Celebrity Style with 5 Easy Pieces

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Get Paris' Celebrity Style at

Get Paris' Celebrity Style at

Like her or not, we must admit that Paris Hilton rocks everything she wears. Paris is always on top of her fashion game and we're going to make it easy for you to get her style with five easy pieces and a one-stop-shop at yours truly!
Paris is wearing a Lauren Moshi Lips Micro Model Swing Tank — very artsy and subtly sexy. Vests are a huge trend this fall, and the Vince Mongolian Lamb Fur Vest looks like it's straight out of the early 70s. If you want a long vest, but don't want to go the fur route, be sure to check out the Alice + Olivia Fringe Trim Sleeveless Vest in 100% wool —  just another  option to get Paris' sophisticated bochic look.
Get a leg up with a great pair of leggings, like the Vince Scrunched Ankle Length legging in Black. These leggings have a 32-inch inseam and are a must have for you gals with a longer legs. The ankle boot is a requisite for fall, so check out the Loeffler Randall Maribel D-Ring Belted Bootie in Black Calf. As Paris always does, add a glam accent with Ted Rossi's Python Tote in Pewter. So there you have it… Paris' Celebrity Style — with five easy pieces.

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