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Enter to Win a $4000 Shopping Spree at!

12:59 PM
Enter for you chance to WIN!

Enter for you chance to WIN!

As our closet fashion-forward friends, we wanted to let you know about our latest and greatest giveaway! and are offering the opportunity to win an exciting prize of a $4,000 Gift Card—just in time for a fall shopping splurge! CLICK HERE TO ENTER and good luck!

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J Brand Skinnys with a Tie Dye Twist @!

12:14 PM
Celebrities fashion the J Brand Tie Dye Pencil Leg Skinnys with relaxed knits!

Celebrities fashion the J Brand Tie Dye Pencil Leg Skinnys with relaxed knits!

Hippies are so October 31st if you ask me, but the J Brand Tie Dye Pencil Leg in Oz has me questioning my preferences. First came the peace sign, that symbol of freedom and love found on the hottest scarves, flip flops, and diamond necklaces alike. But long live tie dye, the follow up pattern cycling back (again and again) and now reappearing on the hottest skinnys (the denim and the ladies), Heidi Pratt, Paris Hilton, and Kate Beckinsale.

To keep an eye on these J Brand sensations and others, fan us on Facebook and be automatically entered to WIN $100 Giftcard! If you’re already a fan of the fashion hotspot, leave a comment, chat with your fellow fashionistas, and you too will be automatically be entered to WIN! The more the merrier right? Help us reach 10,000 fans by November 30, and the jackpot will be kicked up to $500!

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Miss Kardashian Dazzles in Miss Ferriday, available at Singer22!

11:37 AM

Kim Kardashian takes the little black dress and adds a little black lace!

Just because Kim manages Dash in sunny L.A. doesn’t mean this fashion mogul won’t be browsing the boutiques (dare I say, even the competition?) for holiday ensembles generally associated with cooler temperatures. Thanksgiving is close to Christmas, and that’s close to New Years, which runs just behind Valentines day. With so many occasions and never enough dresses, better whip out the Amex.

Kim Kardashian’s Miss Ferriday Lace Celestial Mini Dress is reason enough to celebrate. With romantic sleeves softly draped over a sophisicated black and nude combo, the newest little black dress to beckon is a little bit racey and a lot a bit lacey, and renders a long needed return to that old Hollywood glamour that’s of a rare vintage, but will have made a full recovery by yesterday.

Don’t forget to Fan us on Facebook for your chance to win a Giftcard! If you help us reach 10,000 fans, the Giftcard will be kicked up to $500! Good Luck and thank you for your support!

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Kate Moss carries Genevieve Jones, from!

12:26 PM
Kate Moss with her Genevieve Jones "Kate" Fringe Bag

The Genevieve Jones Kate Fringe Bag: loving Kate, loving fringe, loving Singer22!

So you might be thinking, this looks awfully close to last fall’s sensational JJ Winters cross-body bag. Not only would you be right, but give yourself a pat on the back for being a well read fashionista with immaculate taste. Yet if you thought that time had run out for the stringy style with Navajo roots, then disregard your premonitions. Fringes aren’t out—they’ve just been reinvented by the Genevieve Jones Kate Fringe Bag, a reappearing act for many of Kate Moss’ recent public rendezvous.

The western inspiration of yesteryear (aka fall 2008) is infused with biker-beauty potential, updating this celebrity adored accessory with a wham of edgy glam. A durable leather exterior and roomy lined interior make this ultrachic handbag the trifecta tote of now: hot, handy, and have-to-have.

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Hollywood Loves Lauren Moshi

8:04 PM
Shop Lauren Moshi at

Shop Lauren Moshi at

It’s common knowledge that Hollywood likes to live on the wild side. Parties – Check. Arm Candy – Check. Lauren Moshi – Double check that one girls. So Moshi siblings Michael & Lauren have been turning out celeb faves for awhile now and their hand drawn designs always leave us wanting more. The Skull Cotton Swing Tank as seen on Lindsay, and Sunglass Tail Swing Tank (both pictured) are the perfect remedy for your lazy sunday shopping with the girls…or any occasion for that matter.

What do Young Hollywood and have in common? Tons of Lauren Moshi! Check out and see how celebs like Nicky Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad and Lindsay Lohan rock these tees and tanks.

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