Manicure Inspiration: Black & Rainbow Sequins

3:25 PM

I've recently become a huge fan of black nail polish and I'm all about a party nail since I love glitter. This is my manicure that inspired these flirty and fun outfits.

This Dress The Population Ginger Dress in Multi Sequin looks exactly like my manicure, except opposite with it's mostly rainbow sequins and "party nail" of black. I get reminded of New Year's Eve and a good time whenever I see this fun dress. Doesn't it make you just want to go out and have a good time?

Neon Dress

I'm kind of in love with this Motel Rocks Vintage Girl dress because it's so cute and I love it's box pleat skirt. Plus, the multicolored metallic stripes really are a nice addition to the main black color.

Adding pops of color to any outfit is always fun because it spices things up. Don't you agree? This Backstage Neon Nights Dress is great for a night out with friends. It's body-hugging shape and scoop back will have all the attention on you!

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