Must Be 18 or Over…To Buy Nail Polish Remover?

9:59 AM

It's not unusual to hear that you need to be of a certain age or older to purchase cigarettes, alcohol and other obvious items. It makes sense to have an age limit regarding alcohol/cigarettes because, clearly, we don't want young teens waltzing into a store buying cases of beer and cartons of cigarettes However, should there really be an age limit on buying nail polish remover?

It's been reported by the New York Post and various online sources that CVS drugstores will be asking for proper identification when purchasing a bottle (note: there is a two bottle per-day limit) of acetone nail polish remover.

The drugstore says the new rule is to prevent the attempt of making illegal methamphetamine. Perhaps they don't want to recreate scenes out of Breaking Bad? Here's the statement CVS released regarding the situation:

“Because acetone is an ingredient used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, we recently implemented a policy that a valid ID must be presented to purchase acetone-containing products such as nail polish remover. Our policy also limits the sale of these products in conjunction with other methamphetamine precursors and is based on various regulations requiring retailers to record sales of acetone.”

Before you go stocking up on bottles of nail polish remover, keep in mind this rule is really just for acetone nail polish remover. I don't know about you, but I always stick to non-acetone remover because it doesn't dry out my nails nearly as much as acetone remover. So unless you have plans to channel your inner Walter White, stick to non-acetone nail polish remover and you'll be just fine.

What do you think of this new rule CVS is implementing?

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