No More Tired Eyes! Try this Easy Makeup Trick by MissMaven

1:02 PM

“You look so tired today…” is probably one of the most annoying comments someone can say to me. You are basically telling me I look like crap, but in a nice way. Gee thanks. Listen, we all have those days when our eyes are puffy and under-eyes are dark from lack of sleep.

Luckily, that's what makeup is for! Side-note: it's times like these when I feel bad for guys for not being able to hide their tiredness/pimples with makeup. Back to the point…if you know how to apply makeup correctly, you can completely diminish that tired and dull look. Teni of MissMaven posted this amazing and easy tutorial on how to achieve a bright, wide-awake look.

Teni uses pink blush, glowing bronzer and highlighting eyeshadows. This look is not only great for making you look fresh and awake, but it's ideal for an everyday look. It's natural, simple and versatile.

Do you have any beauty tricks to look fresh-faced?

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