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Worldly Fashion in time for The World Cup

12:08 PM
American Soccer Fans Fashionably Showing Their Support

American Soccer Fans Fashionably Showing Their Support

The FIFA World Cup begins tomorrow in the wildly vivid country of Brazil so it’s time to figure out which teams you’ll be rooting for. No matter which sports you follow, if you’re a real fanatic, getting dressed up is part of the fun, which guys aren’t excluded from might I add. Between the face & body paint, jerseys, tees, hats and other paraphernalia, a thick atmosphere of enthusiasm grows from the love people show for their favorite player, their heritage, or the team alongside which (through a television anyway) they’ve suffered through heart wrenching losses and celebrated sweet victories with.

Get ready for the ensuing festivities with these great tees and tanks from Chaser:

International Delight: Spain - USA - Brazil - Italy

International Delight: SpainUSABrazilItaly

International TEE-light: France - England - Argentina

International TEE-light: FranceEnglandArgentina

Another way to have a little fun with this theme is by wearing Havaianas, which hail from Brazil and are among the most popular flip flops in the world with approximately 150 million pairs being made every year! Colorful footwear doesn’t stop with these casual sandals. Supergas come in an impressive array of bright colors perfect for matching your team’s jersey or flag, and we all know that the shoes often make or break the outfit…

Supremely Sporty SUPERGA

Supremely Sporty SUPERGA

Score a fashion goal with a little help from SINGER22 and enjoy the games!

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Woot, Woot for the Jumpsuit

6:00 PM

We have dresses for every occasion; sundresses for graduation celebrations, maxi dresses for weekend getaways, cocktail dresses for semi-formal weddings, and mini dresses for bachelorette parties. The fashionable ones know, however, that jumpsuits and rompers are the new go-to pieces, now available in a variety of colors, prints, and materials suitable for any number of the aforementioned events.

Especially for you girls seeking out statement making clothing in a more modern silhouette, the jumpsuit, and shorter romper, can fill a niche space in your closet. The expanding assortment of these garments allows you to move with ease (except when you go to the bathroom…) and actually individualize your style as much as you would with more standard shaped pieces. Owning a sleek and modern style, Julianne Hough wears a cobalt blue version with sheer paneling and minimal accessories. Jessica Alba’s relaxed interpretation, which we carry here, creates a distinctly laid back, yet put-together air. Miley Cyrus bridges classic and contemporary by opting for a black & white palette enlivened by a red lip, boyish ‘do, and trendy jewels!

Jovially Jumpsuited:  Julianne Hough, Jessica Alba, & Miley Cyrus

Jovial in Jumpsuits : Julianne, Jessica, & Miley

At SINGER22 we keep growing our own selection of this fantastic garment and here are some recent additions, complete with complimentary styling tips!

Perfect for lounging around or running errands, this Feel The Piece jumpsuit comes in black or navy and can easily be worn with flat sandals or flip flops, your favorite messenger bag, and a colorful pair of sunglasses.

Planning a low key get-together with friends that might migrate from the warm outdoors to the AC chilled indoors? Paige Denim has a fun little jean onesie requiring not much other than a belt to define your shape, a metallic cuff bracelet or two, and walkable wedge sandals for an effortlessly stylish look!

Have a wedding to attend and not in the mood to raid your closet for yet another dress? Opt for this sleek and sexy AQ/AQ jumpsuit in a crisp clean white. What? It’s not a faux pas anymore to don white at a wedding! Sweep your hair up into an elegant bun, add a pop-of-color lip, eye-catching earrings, minaudiere clutch, and formal heeled sandals for a look that’s sure to earn you some “oohs” & “aahs”.

Not sure what to wear to that cocktail party you got invited to? This Alexis romper will set you apart from the sea of dresses sure to be in attendance. Pair it with strappy heels, statement earrings, and a metallic clutch for an evening style that’ll go down in history as one of your favorites!



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Dark and Majestic Jewelry

4:02 PM

Just like last year when “The Great Gatsby” remake from Baz Luhrmann came out and there was a deluge of pearly and Art Deco inspired jewelry coming from every which way, including TIFFANY & CO, this year, the hype surrounding the potential Disney hit, “Maleficent”, spawned a collaboration between the entertainment behemoth and Crow’s Nest Fine Jewellery. The collection resulting from this meeting of the minds only reinforces the modern lean towards dark accessories with a sometimes sinister streak.

The Great Gatsby Collection - TIFFANY & CO.

The Great Gatsby Collection – TIFFANY & CO.

Awards season always brings out the red-carpet-worthy looks which we see are almost never without beautifully classic jeweled additions from masters of their craft; Fred Leighton, Harry Winston, and H. Stern, to name a few. Lately however, a movement towards the worn, tough, twisted, and mysterious look of dark stones, oxidized metals, and unconventional shapes has gained a comparable audience to the one appreciative of dainty layering chains, stud earrings, and other timeless adornments.

Perhaps it’s the natural evolution of style or the morphing of Feminism into a state of pure presentation where you can wear whatever you want regardless of what is typically considered beautiful. Maybe we’re all shedding our naïveté and seeking out more mature versions of self expression. No matter what the cause, the effects are darkly divine.

Statement Rings And A Wicked Ear Cuff - CROW'S NEST FINE JEWELLERY - Maleficent Collection

Statement Rings And A Wicked Ear Cuff – CROW’S NEST FINE JEWELLERY – Maleficent Collection

A Fantastic Two Finger Ring And Bangle Of Thorned Vines - CROW'S NEST FINE JEWELLERY - Maleficent Collection

A Fantastic Two Finger Ring And Bangle Of Thorned Vines – CROW’S NEST FINE JEWELLERY – Maleficent Collection

A Mystical Opal & Dragon Ring and Horned Cuff Bracelet  - CROW'S NEST FINE JEWELLERY - Maleficent Collection

A Mystical Opal & Dragon Ring and Horned Cuff Bracelet – CROW’S NEST FINE JEWELLERY – Maleficent Collection

We at SINGER22 have our hand on the pulse of what’s trending so we’ve got some great jewelry finds that are unsurprisingly consistent with this fairly new tendency of wearing moody and alluring jewels meant to compliment modern taste. Explore our selection of wonderfully exotic pieces including: a dark metal hand chain from Lacey Ryan, a beaded necklace with a skull charm from Electric Picks, a black snakeskin embossed cuff with a faceted stone, and a fantastic arrowhead necklace, both from Heather Hawkins.


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Fashion Follows Art – Vol. I

5:35 PM
"Skyscrapers and Tunnels" by Fortunato Depero, 1930 (detail)

“Skyscrapers and Tunnels” by Fortunato Depero, 1930 (detail)

As of February and on display till September, The Guggenheim Museum in New York City is featuring an exhibit on Italian Futurism, a movement meant to reinvigorate the country’s sense of self and its economy out of its complacent state in the early 20th century. Members were “modern, young, and insurgent”, as described on the museum’s website, and concerned themselves with breaking tradition and charging ever forward. Bred through literature, politics, the performing & visual arts, fashion, and even advertising – this campaign for change proliferated through various societal circles.

W. Britt jewelry - Industrial, Mechanical, Modern, Distinctive

W. Britt jewelry – Industrial, Mechanical, Modern, Distinctive

With regard to aesthetic, Futurists saw things through a deliberately broken lens resulting in fractured imagery which created a sense of motion. Their crusade was vehement yet dichotomous, and it was this inherent struggle that made the movement a point of controversy worth examining. This essential disagreement within a singular idea, seemingly appears in many current fashions and makes for intriguing pieces which echo the thoughts of forward thinkers and risk takers. At SINGER22, we consider our customers just those sorts of people, so it is for you all that we carry pieces meant to make people look twice, take in your vibe, and admire your courage in donning that top, those pants, that necklace, etc… You guys are the extension of the SINGER22 voice and we’re honored to have you all as our collective muse.

Here are a few pieces from our current selection that in some ways mirror the divisive tenets of those innovative Futurists and that hope to find their way into your closet!

CAMI NYC‘s camisoles have a propensity for simple graphic shapes cut from quintessentially feminine silk. Sharp lines define the look without overwhelming the delicate nature of the fabric.

Interesting patterns can build a sense of movement or actively changing perspective (something which Futurist artists attempted to convey in their work), potentially enhancing a garment, especially when constructed from susceptible silk or similarly fluttery materials.

A monochromatic approach fortified by unusual seaming or paneling yields garments with a silent strength and streamlined elegance. The fragmented quality present in these pieces played a significant role in the visual arts of the the time – editing out frivolities in favor of cleaner lines.

A parting suggestion to leave you with:  The next time you get a chance to stroll through a gallery or museum, take a moment to sift through the artwork and allow yourself to be excited and influenced by what these masters made. They say life imitates art, but sometimes the reverse is true in that art may imitate those things that inspire it into existence, for where would designers be if they did not have us to provoke them?

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Topped Off

4:39 PM

Being stylish means retaining a certain air about yourself that, in lieu of words, clearly expresses things about your nature through carefully selected visual cues. Trends come and go but, regardless of their tendency to evaporate, they serve to enhance the self portrait we’ve been painting for years; the one we’ve lovingly labored over with every shopping spree, salon appointment, and make-up application.

One of these recent complimentary trends has helped balance the focus normally centered on our clothing by shifting attention to the face as well; the addition of hair accessories and hats. Pieces that frame your face and flatter your coloring are now fairly common components of styling routines which is fantastic for a number of reasons.

1. Sensitive scalps everywhere, rejoice! If for no other reason, wearing a head scarf or a panama hat will help prevent overexposure to harmful UV rays minimizing your chance of burning your scalp, damaging your hair, and getting skin cancer.

2. When it gets warm outside we tend to sweat more leading our hair to get greasy and dirty more quickly, not to mention the frustrated-sigh-inducing flattening factor. There are fashionable new accessories now which help to alleviate this unfortunate byproduct of my favorite season by concealing, or even trapping, some of the sweat and oil. Re: Traditional stretchy fabric headbands are no longer banished to the gym and bathroom.

Flower Children: Lucy Hale, Emmy Rossum, & AnnaSophia Robb

Flower Children: Lucy Hale, Emmy Rossum, & AnnaSophia Robb

3. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people look great in hats, headbands, head scarves, and flower crowns. Even the celebrities have decided this trend is here to stay for a while, which is somewhat ironic in that what was normally employed to facilitate incognito entrances & exits is now meant to grab attention and assert presence. Then again – if enough of us start sporting the look, maybe they’ll blend in. That, or we’ll be mistaken for someone famous and have to sign an autograph. Oh well!

Top It Off À La Reese Witherspoon, Emmy Rossum, or Katy Perry

Top It Off À La Reese Witherspoon, Emmy Rossum, or Katy Perry

Lucky for you, SINGER22 is all over this trend with an amazing selection of hats, floral headpieces, and more so you can take this fun fad for a spin!

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12:41 PM


The Rory Beca aesthetic is synonymous with California style in that the silhouettes look best in sun-soaked and breezy beachside settings where the body skimming fabrics and engaging colors thrive.

Based out of Santa Monica Canyon, CA, the designer behind her eponymous brand decided that in 2006 she would attempt to compose a line of clothing that combined femininity, allure, and comfort thereby enhancing a woman’s sensuality without sacrificing the desire for facility; an idea which, when embodied in a silk camisole or flirtatious flowing skirt, can be more inviting than not being able to breathe in an uber-tight top or futzing with a complicated dress. You can imagine the response.

Rory Beca - Spring 2014 Lookbook - Find these silky printed shorts & tiered pink dress at

Rory Beca – Spring 2014 – Find these silky printed shorts & tiered pink dress at

Noted as having a joie de vivre herself, Rory Beca’s line emulates the notion that if you strip yourself of unnecessary frills you uncover the essence in the joy of getting dressed! Her simple shapes let the body underneath breathe and move while still creating a stylish aura via interesting prints like a blue flecked python print on a creamy background, called blue champagne, or her multicolored floral print on a stark black & white background, called stella. When she opts for solid colors her selection varies from juicy red, pink, and orange to moody blue, teal, and black, yet many of these hues show signs of having been touched by the elements somehow. Imagine colors that have been slightly sunbleached or what they might look like under the shade of a tree – neither muted nor overly vivid – just natural and beautiful. This is not to say that the girl doesn’t like her brights, of which there are plenty, but there’s something poetic in the congruence between Rory’s seeming love for the outdoors and parts of her collection.

An ethereal maxi dress in muted teal

An ethereal maxi dress in muted teal

This colorful line doesn’t just have hanger appeal. Each garment can be styled easily with the mere addition of  unfussy or layered jewelry, a well fitted jean, and pair of fantastic sandals. Now is the perfect time to visit for a great selection of Rory Beca pieces that you can style like a Cali Girl or put your own spin on!

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Sweat It Out

4:38 PM

One of the biggest fashion shifts in recent years which transformed how we dress today is the incorporation of sweatpants and their counterparts into our every day wardrobe, and not just on those days when we’re feeling under the weather. What once served the purposes of working out and chilling out has now evolved into clothing for simply going out. No longer does the following apply:

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Even Uncle Karl apparently swallowed his words this past year as was evident at his Paris Fashion Week runway show (for Fall 2014) during which his models strutted down the catwalk in clothing consistent with the kind he so readily lampooned.

Yup, the CHANEL girl wears sweats now.

Yup, the CHANEL girl wears sweats now.

Perhaps wearing sweats in any environment other than a gym was beaten out of me because my high school forced us to adhere to a strict dress code consisting of button down shirts, chinos, loafers, knee length skirts, etc… in an effort to produce a presentable rising class for the collegiate, and eventually young professional, world. In turn, for the next four years in college and proceeding ones in graduate school & thereafter, I didn’t dare to wear this allegedly sloppy clothing that I thought would do nothing but add bulk to my frame and give people the impression that I was a slob.

Alas, time changes things, including our perception of what is considered desirable, beautiful, and hip. While this sporty, comfortable trend of “sweatwear” crept its way into our fashion aesthetic a while ago, I admittedly only have just begun to appreciate its versatility and pleasing simplicity. Slouchy sweatpants in soft thinner fabrics and roomy sweatshirts artfully draped off of one shoulder have become legitimate looks instead of evanescent additions to our wardrobe. Collectively, this particular style creates a sense of ease and allows plenty of opportunity for individual expression. Check out these celebrities who’ve each managed to develop signature looks by marrying sweats with other pieces from their closets:

Layered underneath a leather jacket and paired with biker boots, Heidi Klum makes a full camo sweatsuit work!

Layered underneath a leather jacket and paired with biker boots, Heidi Klum makes a full camo sweatsuit work!

Jessica Alba's mixing n' matching prowess is responsible for her effortlessly cool style.

Jessica Alba‘s mixing n’ matching prowess is responsible for her effortlessly cool style.

Seriously, who works sweats with more attitude than Rihanna?

Seriously, who works sweats with more attitude than Rihanna?

Dressed in black basics with ballets flats and a pop-of-color bag, Jessica Biel makes sweatpants look classic.

Dressed in black basics with ballets flats and a pop-of-color bag, Jessica Biel makes sweatpants look classic.

Fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni layers her sweatshirt under a varsity jacket with an adorable netted beanie on top. Perfectly memorable!

Fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni layers her sweatshirt under a varsity jacket with an adorable netted beanie on top. Perfectly memorable!

Ali Larter in her black and grey ensemble makes sweatpants almost elegant.

Ali Larter in her black and grey ensemble makes sweatpants beautifully chic.

Maybe couture loungewear strikes you as an oxymoron and you’d rather delegate a portion of your weekly paycheck to something in between Dick’s Sporting Goods and Chanel. No problem! At SINGER22 we’ve got an incredible assortment of this athletic inspired fashion including sweatpants, sweatshirts, and sweatshorts that all undoubtedly go with more of your clothing than you think, so work up a sweat of your own and add a few pieces to your shopping cart.

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White Out

5:39 PM

No, this is not an advertisement for that nifty solution we use to cover our mistakes and no, this is thankfully not an upsetting weather update.

It is time for you to confront your fears about ruining your white clothing during your lunch break and dismiss the notion that only waifs can wear white denim, because this season you must try the WHITE OUT trend!

When fully realized, wearing a dominantly white ensemble wakes your face up and creates a light air around you – unlike sometimes-dreary, yet always chic, black which, while slimming, has the tendency to be more harsh. And speaking of “harsh”, I’m sure there are some of you that have similar words to describe the resulting look of someone above a certain size in white pants. Prepare to eat your words.

She’s renowned for her curves and her thighs most definitely touch. Tell me these two looks don’t look clean and nearly effortless:

Whitewashed Kim Kardashian

Whitewashed Kim Kardashian – Exhibit A

Whitewashed Kim Kardashian - Exhibit B

Whitewashed Kim Kardashian – Exhibit B

Now that we’ve gotten out of the way the fact that curvy or petite ladies can’t wear head-to-toe white, there’s the issue of the color’s various tints and shades pairing well with one another. Some have argued that cream and stark white simply cannot be mixed, that white against itself may wash the wearer out or, worse yet, look totally outdated. NOT SO! The above examples are proof that Snow, Ivory, Beige, and Cream can coexist harmoniously and in some ways enhance one another creating a faceted look – much like a diamond. The gem is transparent but reflects different colors to create a sublime effect. Is Kim’s style not a similar case?

Now, this is not to say that a completely stark white outfit is out of the question. The following few stars also opted for this matchy-matchy style but added fun details to disrupt the monotony. Whether it was a bold pink lip and mani like Solange, a charming pair of flats and black accessories like Lily, or different textures and metallic additions like Nicole, all these girls knew exactly how to work this originally thought-to-be-unworkable trend.

Solange Knowles - Heavenly in White

Solange Knowles – Heavenly in White

Lily Aldridge - White, Black, and Cute all over!

Lily Aldridge – White, Black, and Cute all over!

Nicole Richie - Rock & Roll & White

Nicole Richie – Rock & Roll & White

At SINGER22 we know that you crave fashion as much as you crave cupcakes so we have a ton of WHITE dresses, pants, tops, jeans, & accessories for you to browse and shop. Consider your craving satisfied. You’re welcome.





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Festooned with Flowers

2:18 PM
Fresh & Floral - Valentino - Ready To Wear - Spring 2014

Fresh & Floral – Valentino – Ready To Wear – Spring 2014

Flowers and fashion have had a longstanding relationship with one another and for good reason. Perhaps it’s the overtly feminine skirt-like formation of their blooms, the fanciness of their petal shapes, the impact of their organic color combinations in a multitude of pigments, or the quality they possess that makes us pluck and arrange them into bouquets as though they were clothes on display ready for us to pick and combine to create a look of our own. Regardless, we know that every spring season the catwalks turn into virtual flower beds full of vividly colored ladies on delicate stems showing off their beauty for onlookers to absorb and capture in Instagram shots.


In addition to their active role in fashion, flowers have their place in history too. Think of the daisy in the 60’s and the Flower Power craze which churned out Flower Children. There was once even a fanatic floriography movement which began in the early 18th century that had to do with the language of these showy plants leading it to become a clandestine form of communication. Today we still present one another with specific kinds of flowers depending on the occasion and in a similar way the flower as a fashionable flourish has evolved in aesthetic to create clothing that can be girlish or womanly, airy or laden, classic or modern, Romantic or Gothic. The following are examples of three designers whose divergent attitudes and interpretations of this timeless motif set distinctively different moods:

Alexander McQueen was famous for his dark approach to fashion, often yielding hauntingly beautiful results.

Karlie Kloss modeling Alexander McQueen

Karlie Kloss modeling Alexander McQueen

Sarah Jessica Parker is an avid wearer of Alexander McQueen’s designs and, much like the one below, they often command your attention with their graceful edge and eerie elegance.

Regal in Alexander McQueen

Regal in Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen - Printed Scarf

Alexander McQueen – Printed Scarf

McQ by Alexander McQueen - Skirt with Irises

McQ by Alexander McQueen – Skirt with Irises

British designer, Mary Katrantzou steps in a different direction with her complex floral patterns in psychedelic palettes. While still feminine, her pieces maintain a fresh presence with a strong voice.

Trippy Colorblocked Florals - Mary Katrantzou

Trippy Colorblocked Florals – Mary Katrantzou

This designer has also garnered the attention of many celebrities, including Diane Kruger, with her uniquely structured and memorable pieces, full of personality.

Bright & Beautiful in Mary Katrantzou

Bright & Beautiful in Mary Katrantzou

Folds & Petals

Folds & Petals

Mary Katrantzou - Structured Dress in Rainbow Blooms

Mary Katrantzou – Structured Dress in Rainbow Blooms

Finally, we end our journey in the land of Valentino. With all the exuberance usually associated with the Italian people and an artist’s discerning eye, he channels classic femininity into modern pieces.

Swathed in Blue Blossoms at Valentino

Swathed in Blue Blossoms at Valentino

Nearly every celebrity, including red carpet favorite, Jessica Alba, has worn Valentino at one point or another because his interesting and finely crafted details mute the ladylike propriety dominant in his collections.

Budding Beauty

Budding Beauty

Valentino Purse - Leather Rosettes in Pastel Pink

Valentino Purse – Leather Rosettes in Pastel Pink

Valentino - Couture Style Daisy Chain

Valentino – Couture Style Daisy Chain

At SINGER22 we tend to get the attention of a more modern audience that has an edgier look than most floral prints could offer but, in light of the fact that many designers employ variations of this theme in their lines, it’s clear that you can incorporate flowers into your style without tipping over into fairytale princess territory. Pick some flowery pieces from our garden and put together your own bouquet!

We’re loving:
Rory Beca’s silk shorts, Joie’s pretty romper, Free People’s garden party top, Donna Mizani’s mirror image dress, Pam & Gela’s sweet shorts, and HIPCHIK’s fun bracelet!

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Gowns on the Town – The Met Gala – 2014

4:21 PM
"The world was like a huge red carpet out ahead of me to be walked on. And it stretched on and on, no end." - Elia Kazan

“The world was like a huge red carpet out ahead of me to be walked on. And it stretched on and on, no end.” – Elia Kazan

The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts an annual fundraising event during which celebrities, models, and designers dress to the nines in a theme consistent with the newest exhibit on display. This year it is “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” – a collection of evening gowns by the British-American designer known both for his idiosyncrasies and his beautifully fashioned floor length dresses fit for movie stars and aristocrats alike. His aesthetic was steeped in structure and often infused with scientific innovations to enhance the design.

Every year famous attendees walk the red carpet, photographers furiously clicking away their shutters so as not to miss a single nuance of these often breathtaking pieces of clothing. Sometimes adhering literally to the theme, sometimes flaunting a look for the sake of donning haute couture fashion, the stars come out in full force and here’s a smattering of my favorite ones from this year’s Met Gala:

Statuesque as ever, Charlize Theron unsurprisingly wore black & white Dior with a black jacket, and some jaw-dropping 80’s inspired ear candy.

Dear me, Miss Dior!

Dear me, Miss Dior!

Diane Kruger served up icy cool elegance in her Hugo Boss halter style gown complete with minimal accessories and a beautifully coiffed bun.

Soft Color + Strong Lines

Soft Color + Strong Lines

Emma Stone proved that redheads can wear pink and still look drop dead gorgeous. Opting for two different shades of the energetic color, she selected a top-and-skirt look by Thakoon, accented only by dewy makeup, a few dainty rings, and a simple rectangular clutch.

Perfectly Pink

Perfectly Pink

Probably my top choice, Sports Illustrated model, Chrissy Teigen wore a slinky Ralph Lauren backless halter column gown covered in crystals and finished with face-framing translucent ruffles around her neck. Walking alongside hubby, John Legend, didn’t hurt either.

Teigen & Legend - Modern & Classic - Rocking Ralph Lauren!

Teigen & Legend – Modern & Classic – Rocking Ralph Lauren!

While these stunning dresses were not my favorites, the proceeding women honored Charles James with their commitment to structured gowns on this year’s red carpet so they deserve some recognition. Ahem…

Model, Liu Wen wore shamrock green Zac Posen, her dark hair swept off her face, and a dark red lip for an utterly timeless effect.

Anybody else want to see her twirl?

Anybody else want to see her twirl?

Model, Karen Elson also chose Zac Posen to design her Met Gala look and the results are splendid. Swathed in frothy light pink, Elson’s short-sleeved high neck dress with its sculpted bodice and artfully draped pleats allowed her striking coloring to be on equally full display.

Blushing & Beautiful

Blushing & Beautiful

Supermodel, Karolina Kurkova opted for the most architectural dress of the night, courtesy of Marchesa. Opulent curvilinear fins comprised the two-tier skirt while an asymmetrical bodice bound the model’s torso. A light over-sized floral print was enhanced by 3D floral appliques trailing from the waist down the side, and with such a statement making dress, Kurkova kept her hair simple, makeup neutral, and accessories classic.

Marchesa Magic

Marchesa Magic

Taking the idea of a classic strapless gown to a modern place, our favorite Girl, Ms. Lena Dunham, wore Giambattista Valli straight off the runway! The cropped gown fused classic concepts with modern approaches including a perfectly springy addition of rosettes in pink & blue around her bust and waist.

Flower Child

Flower Child

And, what would Fashion Prom be without SELFIES? :

Karlie and Taylor - Prepping and Primping

Karlie and Taylor – Prepping and Primping

"12 Years A Slave" costars Lupita Nyong'o & Sara Paulson posing with the Solange and Beyonce

“12 Years A Slave” costars Lupita Nyong’o & Sara Paulson posing with Solange and Beyonce

Well isn't that charming - Shailene Woodley & Lena Dunham

Well isn’t that charming – Shailene Woodley & Lena Dunham

Bathroom Bonding w/ Besties!

Bathroom Bonding w/ Besties!

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How do I wear thee? Let me count the ways!

5:55 PM
The Supremely Wearable ALICIA POCKET TANK by Joie

The Supremely Wearable ALICIA POCKET TANK by Joie

Finding longevity in your wardrobe means wearing a single piece multiple ways over the course of many seasons. We strive to achieve this goal in our daily routine of getting dressed for a variety of occasions because our closets aren’t like our magical Pinterest fashion boards or Tumblr pages, constantly growing in volume of covet-worthy clothing. We have a limited number of garments and accessories to choose from so it is our job to assign each item more than one purpose. Take, for example, the standard Oxford shirt which many suggest every woman should have in her wardrobe. A simple button down can be a central component of any number of looks including preppy (blazer/jeans/ballet flats), menswear-inspired (boyfriend jeans/brogues/oversized watch), minimalist (crisp white jeans/t-strap flats/small metallic studs), classic Americana (upturned collar/flared jeans/braided leather belt), modern elegant (tucked in/floor-length skirt/heels), and the list goes on.

Juicy Juicy JOIE

Juicy Juicy JOIE

If you were a Gossip Girl fan perhaps you’re familiar with the term “Dictator of Taste”. I tend to fancy the staff here as deserving of that moniker because they are observant, thoroughly trust their own eyes to tell them what looks good, and have a sixth sense about what you guys want to wear. One item that they’ve opted to stock our stores and website with is the Alicia Pocket Tank by Joie, and here’s why:

Scenario 1 – WORK – Half tuck your Alicia Pocket Tank Top in Porcelain into a pair of chinos, top it with a streamlined jacket, and accessorize with a belt and pair of polished flats. Looking modern and professional, you’re ready to take on the work week!

Scenario 2 – CLASS – Wear the Alicia Pocket Tank Top in Light Smoke over a simple pair of black skinny jeans with your favorite pair of slip-on sneakers and an easy heather grey hoodie – because it’s college after all.

Scenario 3 – GIRLS NIGHT OUT – Pairing the Alicia Pocket Tank Top in Deep Lapis with fitted leather pants and modern black heels will have you ready to dance all night with your besties!

Scenario 4 – DATE NIGHT – Don the Alicia Pocket Tank Top in Mayan Red with perfect blue skinnies, a gorgeous stone necklace, and cute sandals for a romantic summer stroll.

I could go on but I don’t want to keep you from shopping…

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Music Festival Fashion 101

4:05 PM


Coachella’s over but the season for music festivals is just starting and during these bacchanalia, in a similar way to Halloween, we suspend expectations for wearable every-day pieces in favor of embracing the sounds, smells, tastes and feel of these fleeting celebrations rife with fantastic music and sometimes more fantastic clothing.

What’s especially cool about these carnivals, other than the obviously awesome tunes, is that many of them have their own individual style expressed by the crowds complimenting both the music emanating from the stages and the vibes radiating from the very grounds where the scene is set. In the same vein as pop-up stores and restaurants, an actual community pops up out of nowhere and is comprised of music lovers from all over the country relishing getting lost in the open air performances and happily packing up after four days of an auditory assault that they’ll remember for years to come.

Each gathering certainly has its own unique traits but the vast majority of them take place on some sort of campgrounds or open field where festival-goers literally kick up the dirt moseying through crowds or dancing en masse. On occasions like this you shouldn’t be wearing your Sunday best because you’re guaranteed to leave the festival looking (and smelling) less than fresh, so our resident stylist, Casey, pulled the essentials every girl needs to have a fun, fashionable time!



So let’s break this down: The concerts are outdoors and the sun’s beating down on your SPF-covered skin (otherwise you deserve that sunburn – just saying…) so a bikini seems like it’ll serve you well, especially under a loose-fitting muscle tee. Denim cutoffs are simultaneously cute and washable, plus they look great with lace-up leather sandals you can easily wipe crusted mud off of. Sunnies and a hat are obligatory unless you’re fine with squinting the whole time, and a mini hip-slung bag keeps your necessities close without demanding the use of your hands leaving them free to touch the sky as you rock out to the melodies. See? You can be totally practical without sacrificing style, so now that I’ve justified your urge to splurge you can head to and shop for your own festival look!

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Gems & Jewels by LIONETTE

Gems & Jewels by LIONETTE

All the wonderful clothing we buy, keep, and wear would mean nothing without the little enhancements we add that often times mean more to us than the clothing alone. Whether it’s an engraved locket that’s a family heirloom, a watch you received upon your graduation from college, a pair of earrings a significant other gifted you, a ring you proudly purchased for yourself with your first paycheck, or a collection of woven friendship bracelets you and your friends made together to pass the hours at summer camp, some pieces of jewelry can affect the impact of our style in that the strong sentiments attached to them make us feel even better in the clothes we’re wearing.

That’s part of the art of dressing – seamlessly threading bits of yourself into a whole look, and that ability to choose which parts we want to share is totally empowering. Many days I find myself wearing a ring one of my sisters bought for me that I wear, not only because the subtly iridescent coin pearl sits so beautifully in its hammered silver nest, but, because I see her when I wear it. She’s been in medical school abroad for the better part of the last 4 years and will soon be graduating but the ring will hold her presence long after she’s come home and I’ve stopped missing her.

Mushiness aside, obviously not everything we own is directly connected to some strong memory we have or feeling we experienced and that’s perfectly fine. Some pieces are just beautiful and speak to us, leading us to believe that our lives might be the tiniest bit more glamorous if we added them to our jewelry boxes or earring trees. The Designer Spotlight falls on Lionette for precisely this reason.

LIONETTE - Avish Necklace - Perfect alone or layered!

LIONETTE – Avish Necklace – Perfect alone or layered!

Noa Sade is the Israeli-born designer behind this brand that has fans in fashion blogger Leandra Medine, Rihanna, Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, and Heidi Klum. Sade comes from a family of artists and is self-taught in the craft of her own art. Her line, Lionette, came to fruition in September of 2009 possessing a unique aesthetic dictated by strong lines, shapes, & colors and providing a clear new voice in the jewelry industry. Her use of metal and stone is youthful and modern, yet seemingly retains exotic remnants of her Middle Eastern background. Alluring and wearable with just enough flash for both day and evening events, her pieces stand alone as strongly as they do when layered together. As with any designer, their visions live in the pieces they create and we at SINGER22 are happy to share Noa Sade’s visions through her jewelry line, Lionette, with you!

LIONETTE - Gizele Necklace - Fit for a Goddess

LIONETTE – Gizele Necklace – Fit for a Goddess

Browse and shop our selection here: Baubles & Sparklies Just For You!

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Color Theory

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For those of you that are unfamiliar with Pantone, it’s a company universally known for, among other things, dictating color trends. As of December 2013 we know that the Pantone Color Of The Year 2014 is RADIANT ORCHID, a warm purple tinged with pink and fuschia that is shockingly flattering on various skin tones.



The alluring color made its way onto many of the Spring 2014 runways at Fashion Week in September. The punchy purple waltzed down the catwalks at Max Mara and Marc Jacobs unaltered producing a powerful and feminine presence.



At DKNY a pleasantly diluted version created a soft watercolor-like transparency yet retained its eye-catching nature when draped over a stark minty background, while at Barbara Casasola and Missoni the color took on a decidedly pinker shade imbuing an even greater sense of joy into the already happy hue.

Well color me happy... with RADIANT ORCHID!  (DKNY, Max Mara, Barbara Casasola, Missoni)

Well color me happy… with RADIANT ORCHID!
(DKNY, Max Mara, Barbara Casasola, Missoni)

Vibrant and captivating, Radiant Orchid is but one of the colors named in the Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014 (also hand picked by Pantone), which includes a series of slightly sun-bleached hues that are more saturated and energetic than traditional pastels.

Spring 2014 Palette

Spring 2014 Palette

Being the trend-observant and fashion-forward people that we are, SINGER22 has you covered with a fantastic selection of garments and accessories consistent with this exciting palette. Here are a few of my picks for your soon-to-be refurbished spring wardrobe: RADIANT ORCHID – A wonderfully bohemian caftan, perfect silk cami, beautiful necklace, and statement making sunglasses / PLACID BLUE – An easy button down and great pair of jeans / HEMLOCK – An effortless printed dress and awesome pair of earrings / CELOSIA ORANGE – The perfect maxi dress and sporty sunglasses

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We Love Our Boyfriends

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Boy - Oh Boyfriend

Boy – Oh Boyfriend

Boyfriend fashion has its own page on Wikipedia. ITS OWN PAGE! Then again, when you think about the impact that men’s fashion has had on what we wear, it’s not all that nuts.

From the moment I tried on my first blazer back in high school I knew I was in love. I’d found a piece that made me look put together, looked good with at least 70% of my wardrobe, and wasn’t too frou-frou. Petals, lace, and ruffles are perfectly pretty and extremely popular flourishes in women’s fashion, but these were never the most appealing fashion elements to me. Streamlined pants, jeans, shorts, loose tees, over-sized cardigans, jackets, and flats provided the blueprints for my aesthetic to build from so, naturally, when I slipped into a blazer it already felt like home.

Imagine my reaction when I started seeing starlets in my tabloids wearing these odd yet strangely attractive loose-fitting jeans. Baggy but flattering, sometimes distressed but almost always cuffed, and – get this – they looked good with nearly everything hanging in my closet (including my impressive blazer collection)! Fashion editorials even suggested I wear them with heels instead of my favorite flats, top-siders, or Converse. I didn’t think it could work and then I tried on an olive leather wedge sandal, eating my words as I admired my newly updated look in my bedroom mirror.

Boyfriend Jeans + Fancy Feet = Awesome

Boyfriend Jeans + Fancy Feet = Awesome

The boyfriend jean is as much a staple in our denim collections now as flared and skinny silhouettes are. The shape comes in a variety of denim washes & treatments and is now available in a range of materials including khaki, corduroy, and sweatshirt fabric. Celebrities have been rocking this look since the late 2000’s so, if you take your cues from them, you should have a few in your closet already. No matter what your signature style is, let your boyfriends contrast nicely with a pleated blouse and ladylike pearls, balance a sweet floral-patterned girly top, toughen up a silk cami, or enhance the boyishness of your half-tucked Oxford shirt. Head to for a huge selection of styles so you can emulate fashionable stars like Olivia, Rihanna, and Jessica.

Olivia Palermo, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba out with their BOYFRIENDS

Olivia Palermo, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba out with their BOYFRIENDS

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