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Music Festival Fashion 101

4:05 PM


Coachella's over but the season for music festivals is just starting and during these bacchanalia, in a similar way to Halloween, we suspend expectations for wearable every-day pieces in favor of embracing the sounds, smells, tastes and feel of these fleeting celebrations rife with fantastic music and sometimes more fantastic clothing.

What's especially cool about these carnivals, other than the obviously awesome tunes, is that many of them have their own individual style expressed by the crowds complimenting both the music emanating from the stages and the vibes radiating from the very grounds where the scene is set. In the same vein as pop-up stores and restaurants, an actual community pops up out of nowhere and is comprised of music lovers from all over the country relishing getting lost in the open air performances and happily packing up after four days of an auditory assault that they'll remember for years to come. (more…)

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5:53 PM
Gems & Jewels by LIONETTE

Gems & Jewels by LIONETTE

All the wonderful clothing we buy, keep, and wear would mean nothing without the little enhancements we add that often times mean more to us than the clothing alone. Whether it's an engraved locket that's a family heirloom, a watch you received upon your graduation from college, a pair of earrings a significant other gifted you, a ring you proudly purchased for yourself with your first paycheck, or a collection of woven friendship bracelets you and your friends made together to pass the hours at summer camp, some pieces of jewelry can affect the impact of our style in that the strong sentiments attached to them make us feel even better in the clothes we're wearing. (more…)

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Color Theory

1:51 PM

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Pantone, it's a company universally known for, among other things, dictating color trends. As of December 2013 we know that the Pantone Color Of The Year 2014 is RADIANT ORCHID, a warm purple tinged with pink and fuschia that is shockingly flattering on various skin tones.



The alluring color made its way onto many of the Spring 2014 runways at Fashion Week in September. The punchy purple waltzed down the catwalks at Max Mara and Marc Jacobs unaltered producing a powerful and feminine presence. (more…)

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We Love Our Boyfriends

11:54 AM
Boy - Oh Boyfriend

Boy – Oh Boyfriend

Boyfriend fashion has its own page on Wikipedia. ITS OWN PAGE! Then again, when you think about the impact that men's fashion has had on what we wear, it's not all that nuts.

From the moment I tried on my first blazer back in high school I knew I was in love. I'd found a piece that made me look put together, looked good with at least 70% of my wardrobe, and wasn't too frou-frou. Petals, lace, and ruffles are perfectly pretty and extremely popular flourishes in women's fashion, but these were never the most appealing fashion elements to me. Streamlined pants, jeans, shorts, loose tees, over-sized cardigans, jackets, and flats provided the blueprints for my aesthetic to build from so, naturally, when I slipped into a blazer it already felt like home. (more…)

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Flat Out Awesome

5:15 PM

As a tall person with a fear of heel-induced heights, I admit I'm a total sucker for flats. Fashionable wedge-less sneakers? Check. Ballet flats? Got 'em. Brogues? Ditto. Round toe or pointed, leather or canvas, dainty or mannish – if they're shy a heel, then they're most likely on my shoe rack.

It's been a long time since women have been able to wear flats without being considered tomboys so this isn't a post on the revolutionary idea of a walkable yet feminine shoe. Rather, I'm taking this opportunity to focus particularly on some new or refurbished shoe shapes that you might not have considered adding to your closet yet. For example Vince recently branched out from just clothing into footwear and their efforts have yielded some pretty nifty results. Observe:

The Iona 2 is a sort of slip-on desert shoe. Its perforated leather base is both contemporary and sporty which nicely makes way for the elastic inserts. It looks and feels like a real traveler's shoe being that it has an androgynous shape and seems to retain the quality of looking better with wear. The closed season-less shape even allows you to wear it well past the summer months. (more…)

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Pastel Treats

1:55 PM


I may not have a particularly developed sweet tooth but I have to say that one of the most beautiful treats I've seen are Jordan almonds – sugar coated nuts that come in an Easter approved assortment of soft pastels.

Pastels are a common trend in Spring collections and this season will be no different. Modern shapes and structured fabrics work surprisingly well in these unripened hues but, even when the fit is more relaxed, the pieces don't have to be saccharine. The Spring 2014 runways were full of robin's egg blues, bleached yellows, delicate pinks, and minty fresh greens that surprisingly never ended up looking like grown up baby clothing. (more…)

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Awesome Aussie Style

2:28 PM

We know American style is eclectically modern, French style is effortlessly chic, British style is exquisitely undone, and Australian style is… Anybody? ANYbody?

That's right. If you haven't taken notice yet of our fellow English speakers on the other side of the world and how they put together a look, you should hop to it! Sydney has earned the right to be lumped in with the likes of New York, Paris, and London when discussing style because it's developed a strong sense of it that is uniquely Australian. Their country produces clothing that is easy, joyful, and completely of the moment. Get a load of these street style looks from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and try not to smile! (more…)

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5:21 PM
She's peachy keen in the Eleven Paris Laun top

She's peachy keen in the Eleven Paris Laun top

Admittedly, Eleven Paris wasn't a label I was familiar with until recently and that's a blooming shame. This brand shares the same birth year as SINGER22 (2003) and, while one is a label and the other a retailer, both curate contemporary taste and unfussy style. (more…)

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SINGER22 NEWS – STYLE Update – Alexander Wang x H&M

5:14 PM

Hello all!

My name is Jackie and I'm the new staff writer at SINGER22. I'm stoked to start sharing my thoughts and interacting with you guys as I myself am an active and avid reader with a high regard for pop culture and its intrinsic link to fashion. I'm not one for lengthy introductions so let's get cracking, shall we?

Exciting news for H&M shoppers, myself included:

Alexander Wang is joining the long list of established designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Versace, and Maison Martin Margiela who've collaborated with the Swedish merchandiser on collections. Wang's collection will target both men & women and will be available starting November 6th, 2014; a rather convenient release date as it stands 2 weeks before my birthday. I guess I know what I'm wearing before I know where I'll be celebrating. Sweet. (more…)

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Layer Up!

2:38 PM

Layers For those of you on the East Coast, we assume you're well aware of the recent temperature drop we've been experiencing. The weather has been crisp, cool, fresh and an all-around perfect fall season as of yet. If you haven't already done so, it's officially time to break out your layering pieces.

Oh, layering. Where do we even begin? We think of layering as a type of art. If done properly, you can look so effortless and chic like you quickly threw together this masterpiece of an outfit. Someone will always pay you that compliment of, “Oh my god you look so cute today!” and the response is generally, “Really?!! I just threw it on and ran out the door.”

Bottom line: once you know how to properly layer your garments the outcome will always be compliment-worthy. We put together four different layered-up outfits for daily situations all girls encounter.

Watch the video to see how we layer up! (more…)

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