Are You Feelin’ Miley’s New Blue Hair?

11:51 AM

Miley Cyrus This past weekend Miley Cyrus debuted a new “platinum” blue hair style. Since chopping off her infamous bun, Miley has done a few things to change up her hair. She cut it even shorter than the first time and now dyed it a different color. But Miley assures us the color is not blue!


Well, whatever color you want to call it, I don't mind the change! Listen, everyone is going to have opinions about every decision a celebrity makes. Miley is absolutely no exception and while many people didn't like her shorter hair, countless numbers of fans gave her support. Bottom line: if Miley likes it and feels pretty then go for it, girl!

But we can still ask the question: do you like Miley's new hair? Tell us below and take a look through her style evolution!


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