Protect Yourself From the Cold & Look Good While Doing It

9:54 AM


Countless numbers of celebrities have been spotted wearing Canada Goose jackets and vests during cold weather months and for good reason. Canada Goose is responsible for constructing outerwear that will most definitely keep you warm during unspeakably cold weather. Here's the proof.


Canada Goose products are based on a Thermal Experience Index (TEI) to help customers find the warmth they desire when purchasing products, whether it be active pursuits or climbing Mt. Everest. They use coyote fur, one of only three furs that protect from frostbite, to protect around the face. Canada Goose also uses down because it is the world's best insulator. Down provides three times the warmth per ounce as synthetic materials. 


Here's the good news and bad news: predictions for this upcoming winter aren't great, meaning we are supposed to be getting hit with harsh weather and snow, but on the plus side we sell Canada Goose jackets and vests that are stylish and effective.

I love the Chilliwack Bomber because it's fashion-forward and will keep you warm. Just because we need to bundle up from the elements doesn't mean we can't look good while doing it, right? Another great piece is the Freestyle Vest. It's great to throw on over a long sleeve shirt or thin sweatshirt for some extra warmth. So don't wait until the snow starts falling to get your hands on these amazing products!

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