Celeb Coveted Denim at Singer22.com!

6:21 PM
Get Your Celeb Style Designer Denim at Singer22.com

Get Your Celeb Style Designer Denim at Singer22.com

Why slave in the bad lighting and cramped quarters of fitting rooms when you can let Hollywood show you the hottest denim labels for your body type? Singer22.com carefully selects their labels and check it out – celebs speak in numbers. Skinny jeans, no matter how they're washed, dyed and torn, are flattering and versatile. Whether you're tucking them into your winter boots or catching some rays in sandals, Singer22.com has all the denim you don't even know you need – yet, that is. Rising labels Current/Elliot and Dylan George seem to have mastered the art of destroyed chic and Singer22.com supplies all the Hollywood must haves. Some girls are a sucker for oh, say Robert Pattinson and the rest of the (shirtless) male Twilight stars, but I have to confess; show me a selection of denim as hot as the above and I'm thinking, sorry Robert who?!

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