From Michelle Tanner to Fashion Moguls – 27 Years in the Making

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27 years ago today two of the most successful women in acting and fashion were born. At just nine months old, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were brought by their mother to audition for the part of Michelle Tanner in Full House. Obviously, the girls got the part and played Michelle until they were 9 years old. At age six, Mary-Kate and Ashley became the youngest producers in history.

As they grew older, their style and interests matured. Venturing into the world of fashion, Mary-Kate and Ashley launched their first line The Row followed by Elizabeth and James and TEXTILE Elizabeth and James. The extremely talented duo has an eye for must-have colors and silhouettes while staying on top of new trends. Each with their own sense of style, they work together to create garments of impeccable quality and creativity.

In honor of their 27th birthday, here are some fun facts about the most well-known set of twins in Hollywood.

Despite their shockingly identical looks, Mary-Kate (right) and Ashley are fraternal twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashley

Ashley (right) is about an inch or so taller than Mary-Kate.

While Ashley is right-handed, Mary-Kate is left-handed making Michelle Tanner look ambidextrous.

Mary-Kate (left) has more of an edgier and tough sense of style, adding accessories and fur to her Met Gala outfit whereas Ashley is very classic and refined donning a vintage Christian Dior Haute Couture gown.

Ashley can pull off menswear better than most men.

Mary-Kate and Ashley make wearing sunglasses inside look normal.

The more layers the better. Mary-Kate is known for her “homeless boho-chic” look.

Happy 27th birthday and keep the fashion coming!

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