Get a Leg up with LnA and

2:08 PM

Be sure to enter to WIN the LnA/Singer22 Giveaway Anyone with a pair of LnA leggings knows what I'm talking about when I say this: Best. Leggings. Ever. Truly, LnA knows what they're doing when it comes to the basics, and the LnA Zipper Pocket Leggings (shown above) are nothing short of the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Gwen Stefani has No Doubt these leggings are super flattering, and I'd have to agree they've got just the right amount of stretch and hold. (Gwen wears the leggings in Black Licorice above) If you love LnA and are trying to justify another pair of black leggings, may I remind you that there is no such thing as too many pairs girls! The three front zippers add some detail and a little utility to an otherwise great pair of leggings. And if you're already here, you've met me halfway! and LnA are spreading the love and 3 lucky fashionistas are about to get decked in LnA – $850 worth to be exact. Talk about a Happy New Year!

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