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Kim Kardashian's Style can be yours at

Kim Kardashian's Style can be yours at

With access to just about whatever she could want to throw on her back, Kim Kardashian takes us back to the basics! I'm calling her day style understated – sexy. Now I can't promise you a MVP boyfriend but I can promise you this – you can get Kardashian style and it's right here at your fingertips! Forget keeping up with the Jones', I'm totally keeping up with the Kardashian's and absolutely adoring the Veda Max Leather Jacket (Kim wears it in Black and in Smog above). It's such an easy piece that I predict being a staple in my wardrobe very soon. Kim's super soft tees from LNA and Kain are a must have, especially for summer! Worn under a chic little jacket they simplify an outfit, but you know I'm wearing mine to the beach over my bikini too! Dash over to where you can actually shop by celeb, getting her style's never been easier!

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