Listen Up Ladies: Here’s Why Your Guy Needs to Wear J Brand!

11:39 AM


I'll give you a moment to take in the drool-worthy picture above.

Ok back on track. I'm pretty sure this picture is self-explanatory as to why your guy should wear J Brand denim. These six celebs are just a few of the guys who absolutely love J Brand. Not to mention they fit each guy so well (ahem, Ryan Gosling).

Anyway, it's time to tell your guy to get rid of those faded, ripped, torn, loose and plain old pairs of jeans. I don't care how lucky they are or if he's superstitious about his favorite sports team winning aka he wears them all the time. To me, nothing is more of a turn off than guys in a bad pair of jeans.

Enter J Brand. These jeans are amaze! They come in tons of washes and comfortable fits that will even have your guy checking himself out in the mirror. And if you get jealous of his new denim collection, don't worry because obviously we have a huge selection of J Brand for you lovely ladies. You're welcome.

Shop denim for men here and treat yourself to some retail therapy here!

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