Reactions to Last Night’s Oscar Awards!

11:11 AM

After months of anticipation, the Oscars finally aired last night, hosted by Seth MacFarlane. The show altogether was a bit, um, odd and drawn out. Some of Seth's jokes were funny and some a little offensive. Obviously, he took jabs at Hollywood as any host would do.

This year the Oscars celebrated music in the movies we love. It was the tenth anniversary of the film Chicago and Catherine Zeta-Jones lip-synced (not confirmed, but obvious) her performance of “All That Jazz”. Jennifer Hudson got a standing ovation from the crowd of A-listers after her beautiful and heartfelt performance from Dreamgirls.

My favorite part of the night, however, was when Jennifer Lawrence had the most graceful fall and then accepted the award for Best Actress that had my smiling until the end. I was so happy Jennifer won with her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Throughout the entire awards show season, she remained so down-to-earth and was exciting and fun to watch. Plus, she loves food just as much as I do! Lunch date soon?

Tell us what your favorite parts of last night's show! Did you think Seth MacFarlane did a good job hosting? Best and worst dressed?


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