Rebel Yell Tees from Singer22!

12:46 PM
Celebrity Style Rebels with a cause!

Celebrity Style Rebels with a cause!

Malibu, blondes, and unruly behavior might perfectly profile the west coast ways, but the universal line of couture cottons from celebrity brand Rebel Yell extends the relaxed flavors of the Hills to the city where the true rebels dwell—the streets of New York. The high-end line features colorful graphics, slouchy rompers, and creatively cropped comfort-knits, all of which weather the gym, an urban walk, or as Alessandra Ambrosio demonstrates, the red carpet. Bad girl Kristin Cavallari and good girl Ashley Tisdale take the expected style route, complimenting comfort-wear with a post-sweat smoothie and bed-head-chic waves. But that a t-shirt has a cameo on the red carpet is certainly a seditious act to shout about, and is the perfect place to let your frustrations loose.

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