Stephanie Pratt looking sweet in Black Orchid Jeans at Singer22!

11:45 AM
Get Stephanie Pratt's Sweet Style at

Get Stephanie Pratt's Black Orchid Jeans at

Oh, the sweet smell of perfect jeans! Stephanie Pratt shows off summer cool in her Black Orchid Jewel Skinny Jean in Twister available at! If you think all jeans are the same, then you’ve never tried on a pair of Black Orchid jeans! Paying close attention to detail, fabric, and cut, denim designer Julien Jarmoune created a beautiful line of jeans that is sure to become a staple in every woman’s closet. Naming his line Black Orchid is truly fitting. Just like the black orchid is rare and unique in the orchid family, these Black Orchid jeans hold true to the same aspect in the denim family. They are so basic, yet effortlessly fashionable and versatile. You can pair them up with a basic tee and flats on your way out the door, or play them up Stephanie’s way with a silk cami and sandals, like Sam Edleman’s Leroy Wedge in chestnut.

Ms. Stephanie Pratt shows the perfect example of how to dress casual and comfortable, yet still fashionable during the day. Top off this look with La Mer Collection's fabulous Peace with Multi Finishes Watch, adorned with gorgeous metal chains and little peace sign charms. Follow with Linea Pelle’s Dylan Shoulder bag in teak. The variety of gold zippers allows you to store all of your precious cargo. Better yet, the framed zipper lets you determine the depth of your bag! Adding one more simple piece, such as the Streets Ahead Zigzag Stitch Leather Belt finishes the look. You are now ready for an afternoon of shopping in West Hollywood like Stephanie Pratt, or meeting up with your girlfriends for lunch at a local restaurant! Summertime never smelled so pretty at!

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