I Know What Girls Like: How to Impress Your Lady on Date Night

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This one is for the boys who are trying to impress the ladies. Hopefully by now you’ve worked your charm and you got that pretty young thing to agree to go on a date with you. You won her over with your personality and mutual interests, but you need to keep impressing her. She’s going to want to see how dynamic you are and how you flourish in different settings.

Basically, we women, notice details and we’re using them to judge you. While we’re enjoying the moment with you, we’re also trying to determine what a future with you would be like (whether its short term or long term). Your first impressions are vital, so you better dress to the nines and open doors for us – chivalry is NOT dead. 

Here are some date ideas and outfits to go with them:

1. The Day Date: It’s your first date and there’s a lot of talking and walking around the town/city. You might grab lunch or froyo. This is the perfect kind of date for a white LNA V Neck and good fitting jeans. Keep it casual.

Sundek2. Beach/Pool Date: Wear a fun pair of Sundek by Neil Barrett Flag Boardshorts to show off your fun whimsical side while you do flips off the diving board.
3. Dinner & a Movie Night: Wear a VELVET Josh Cashmere Waffled Zip Cardigan in Heather Grey. You can lend it to her when she gets chilly and she'll compliment you on how soft it is.
4. Meeting for Post-Work Cocktails: Try a GANT RUGGER Selvage Madras Buttondown Shirt in your favorite color with a tie that shows off your personality.

CLOSED5. Bar Night: Let your inner bad boy out with a CLOSED Moto Jacket over a casual tee and jeans.
6. Concert: Wear a cool pair of Rogue Motocross Jeans in Black with a band/artist tee.
7. A Night In: After scrubbing down your swanky bachelor pad, throw on a laid back Rag & Bone/JEAN Colorblock Pocket Tank with a chill pair of sweats.

Scotch & Soda8. Romantic Night with a Horse Carriage Ride: This is when you really got her roped in and you want to do something special. Pair a Scotch & Soda Gabardine Blazer with a white button down, pocket square, and slim trousers. The pocket square is key.
9. Active Date: Whether it’s a run, bike ride or lifting together at the gym, wear a pair of Splendid Mills Active Always Short in Storm and  your favorite muscle tee to show off your physique.
10. Picnic: This is your chance to get cute and romantic. Pack a picnic basket and take her to the park. Be sure to wear a fun GANT RUGGER Handloom Madras Check Buttondown Shirt in Gingham Multi with a bow tie.

Don’t be afraid to add shots of color with a cool watch or hat. Be sure to pair any of the above with sweet statement shoes that play up your personality. If you cop out and wear an old pair of sneakers or flip flops or I will personally hunt you down. You can thank me later.

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Tell us – What do you wear on a date?

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