10 Hats to Keep You Looking Cool (If You’re Losing Your Hair)

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Eugenia Kim Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be offensive. A dear friend of mine was just diagnosed with cancer.

I went through a strange roller coaster of emotion. Another close friend (who I will refer to as ‘the informer’) was the one who shared the news with me.  On a regular night out I received text messages from her reading: “When was the last time you talked to so and so? I don’t know what to say….” Of course my immediate assumption was: “DEATH! He died! Omg omg omg why??! No this can't be!”

I called the informer to get more details immediately, while my heart was pounding in my throat. I was wrong, my friend was very much alive. WHEW! Relief….He was just diagnosed with cancer…oh…ok…wait – OMG CANCER!! I didn't know how to ask questions so I began doing tremendous research (through tears and binging on cookies) on the type of cancer he has and appropriate questions to ask so that I wouldn't blurt out insensitive things like “Are you going to die??”, “Will you lose your hair?”, “Can you be cured?”

So now we wait for doctors, for chemo, for time.  His words to me when I told him I was worried were: “I'm sick and I'll get over it. I want to be positive about it, because being negative won’t help me get better. So I think about how lucky I am that I'm not in worse condition, buy a hair cutting system, make some jokes, and move on with life. ….Unfortunately I can't go out to any fashion week events.”

Local Heroes

We briefly and purposely lost touch because of trivial things, agreeing time would decide when we could reconnect. It was the cancer that brought us back, ironically. Sounds like some tragic Nicholas Sparks novel, I know. Now we crack jokes about whether he’ll look more like Vin Diesel or Moby and I’m constantly asking him questions.

The cheesy life lesson here that I’m learning and that I’m sharing with you is not to take life so seriously. This friend of mine is the sweetest, most honest do-gooder you’d ever meet. That nice guy you never have to question that always has your back. He will do/say the most Disney Channel-esque action/statement in any given situation, like tell you to do what makes you happy, run to hold doors open for strangers, or buy gifts for friends just because. He was active, healthy, and happy and then this happened. Regardless he remains optimistic, lighthearted and selfless. So instead of going through life wallowing in your personal struggles, stressing and constantly worrying about your future, go ahead and enjoy what you have. Kick back for a second and enjoy how hot you are, the awesome friends you have or the simple fact that you have teeth to chew your food, whatever it is that brings you happiness.

PlushNow here are 10 cool hats to wear in case you look more like Moby than Vin Diesel as you begin to bald, or if you have a weird hairline, or if you just like hats in general.

  1. VELVET– Addison Cashmere Beanie. Super Soft.
  2. Local Heroes– Bad Hair Day Beanie. For the irony.
  3. Plush– Barca Slouchy Hat. A classic slouchy hat.
  4. Janessa Leone– Johanna Hat. The feathers are fun.
  5. Eugenia Kim– Evelyn Leopard Beret. Animal prints never go out of style.
  6. Eugenia Kim– Felix Knit Cap with Cat Ears. The Animal ears are too cute.
  7. Dimepiece LA– Logo Beanie. Super cool.
  8. Eugenia Kim– Darien Camo Baseball Cap. Ready for battle.
  9. Dimepiece LA– 5 Panel Snake Hat. Sssssexy.
  10. Lovely Bird– Lazy Fedora. The name fits how you feel but no one would ever know from how put together you look.

Yours truly,


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