Organizing Your Shoedrobe: 5 Must Have Pairs

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Shoes make or break an outfit. Even the most expensive wardrobe, when paired with the wrong footwear, tends to look a little less classy than it actually is. On the other hand, a good pair of shoes will take any well-fitting clothes to the next level. No matter how simple your clothes are, the perfect pair of footwear has the power to bring your entire ensemble together.

As it has been said from time and time again, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world.” With these things in mind, here are five classic shoe styles that help every girl organize a fully functional shoedrobe. These aren’t called classics for reason. These are staples pieces that that transcend the latest trend.

Yosi SamraBallet Flats

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to ballet flats. They're perfect whether you are going for a quick trip to the market on a busy Wednesday afternoon, or spending the Saturday night out in a classy restaurant. A few pairs of quality ballet flats take you to work, play, errands and travel rather tastefully and comfortably. Ballet flats are feminine, slim-fitting and they give a certain Parisian flair to your outfit. They go well with anything from patterned dresses to black jeans to a pair of summer shorts. Opt for a pair of Yosi Samra leather ballet flats. Bonus: they fold up to fit into virtually any handbag!

SchutzClassic Black Pumps

Basic but sexy. Black pumps are the classic of classics when it comes to footwear workhorses. These trusty black heels by Schutz are your go-to pair when you want to dress up any outfit. Black pumps are classy enough to take you a black tie gala event and cute enough to glam up your everyday office wear.

Olcay GulsenNude Heels

Regardless if you are the type to go for a round or a peep-toe, a pair of nude heels is a certified treasure. While classic black heels maybe the sexier choice, nude heels makes your legs appear shapelier. A word of advice, though, not every nude pump on display is right shade of nude for you, so it is up to you to pick the shade of nude that is closest to your skin color. Our personal favorite is the Olcay Gulsen Ankle Strap 6 Inch Pump. Hello long legs!

Elizabeth and JamesSummer Wedges

These aren’t called summer wedges for no reason. These pieces complete any summer outfit, whether it’s a pair of summer shorts, capris or maxi dress. Fantastic in adding a couple of inches without the wobble, choose a pair that is especially comfortable since summer nights come with lots of long walks. A pair of flat summer sandals is also another way to go in keeping your casual summer outfit modish.


A pair of sneakers may not be the most feminine or delicate piece of footwear out there, but they are a necessary addition to your shoedrobe. Try a pair of Superga sneakers that are available in every color! Unless you are a yogi who works out barefoot, or a barefoot runner for that matter, a comfortable and durable pair of sneakers is an essential piece of gear that helps you pursue a regular exercise regimen. After all, elegant women are bound to stay healthy and in shape.


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