My Favorite Highlights from the Beyoncé Bowl…I Mean Super Bowl

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Super Bowl

Although every single person at the Super Bowl party I attended hated Beyoncé's half time performance, I was speechless. Granted, she might not have sang very much, but she is an amazing performer. In my opinion, Beyoncé definitely stole the show and as always…haters gonna hate.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from last night's Super Bowl. Oh and if you cared about the actual game, the Ravens beat the 49ers with a final score of 34-31.

Alicia Keys gave me the chills while singing the National Anthem. She has such a beautiful voice and she pours her heart and soul into every performance. Yes, it was a little long but I really liked her version of it. Plus, the fact she sounded that amazing while singing in a stadium is insane.

Super Bowl

San Francisco 49er

This is Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the 49ers. When I don't care about either team playing in the Super Bowl, I find other things to make the game better, which in this case, was Colin Kaepernick. Hi.

Super Bowl

Beyoncé broke it down with backup dancers…of herself. The visual effects of the half time show were unreal. I was kind of in awe when there were holograms of Beyoncé dancing up a storm. The stage was amazing, the lights were amazing, and then this happened…

Super Bowl

The way Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams made their entrance on stage was so awesome. They literally popped up from under the stage. It looked like these three ladies had such a good time performing together and it was nice to watch. I mean you can't go wrong with Destiny's Child.


Officially the cutest couple in Hollywood. Jay-Z gave Beyoncé a big hug backstage after her half time performance. Too cute.


The power went out in the New Orleans Superdome. Luckily Beyoncé had already performed. Maybe that's what even caused the power outage but who knows. The main point is that she was able to perform at half time. The players only had to stand around passing footballs and stretching for a half hour or so. No big.

And my favorite commercial obviously has to deal with food. M&M's commercials never cease to make me laugh. I was literally cracking up during the entire commercial, and the fact it included my favorite character from Glee, Naya Rivera, made it even better.

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