Add These Meaningful Beaded Accessories to Your Collection ASAP!

12:04 PM

There's nothing better than cute, wearable jewelry that has an empowering message behind it. Enter the Kwagala Project. The Kwagala Project is an organization dedicated to empowering women who have been victims of human trafficking and/or the commercial sex trade. In Uganda, Kwagala means love, which is the strongest force against evil.

Rescuing victims and providing long-term care to survivors allows them to rebuild their lives from a state of hopelessness. The Kwagala Project believes the major part of recovery is becoming economically independant. Survivors who enroll in the Kwagala Project's Freedom Thereafter design school learn the craft of bead-making. As stated on their site:

Traditional symbols of strength and courage, beads are the perfect way for these women to pave their way to self-reliance.  The bracelets and necklaces crafted from the beads provide an important source of income and self-esteem for survivors as they rebuild their lives.

Designed in rich, beautiful colors wearing these beaded creations make a unique and meaningful fashion statement. One of the great aspects of these designs is that it creates conversations about the beads and women who made them. Sharing the story behind each piece allows people to face the harsh reality of human trafficking. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how these bracelets are put together.

Click here to buy jewelry from the Kwagala Project and spread the word.

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