Must-Read Tips for Shopping the Isabel Marant x H&M Collection Online

11:21 AM

Ladies, clear your schedules! The highly anticipated Isabel Marant x H&M collection is ready to shop in select stores at 8AM local time and online at 12PM EST tomorrow, Nov. 14th! Of course H&M has done awesome collaborations in the past, but this one is quite different. As we all know, H&M launched their e-commerce site this past August, so if you can't take off of work (or bear the cold weather) to stand in line at your local H&M then fear not! U.S. customers will be able to shop the entire Isabel Marant x H&M collection online.

Here are some important details you need to know to prepare yourselves for this shopping experience. Also, keep in mind this designer collaboration will be the first of many to be available online at H& for U.S. customers.

H&M talked to Fashionista and gave them the need-to-know details about what it's going to be like shopping the Isabel Marant collection online. Here's what they reported:

“The collection will go live at H&M’s U.S. site at 12 p.m. ET (so you don’t even have to wake up at the crack of dawn). In addition, Times Square will be the first store in the world to sell it, beginning at 1 a.m. ET. All participating stores will follow at 8 a.m.

Shoppers can only buy one of every product (meaning you can’t buy a full run of sizes in one style) online. In stores, however, shoppers can purchase four of every product. The limitations are meant to prevent the resale of items on sites like eBay.

Everything that’s available in stores will be available online and vice versa.”

Here are our little tips: First, whether you're braving the frigid temperatures waiting in line for in-store purchases or shopping online, set your alarms so you don't forget! This is definitely going to be a time-sensitive situation so be ready to go! Secondly, show off your newly purchased goodies the next day at work and work it like you're on the runway, girl.

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