10 Things to Try to Look Like You’re Not Trying

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Effortless – my favorite word, style and attitude. The secret to happiness and all good things in life is, to simply put it, “give no f**ks.”  I mean think about the ideal woman, a Victoria’s Secret model, and the ideal man, James Bond. Granted the Victoria’s Secret models weigh about as much as the average 12 year old and have legs that go on for months, and Bond looks phenomenal in a suit and always has a perfectly chiseled jaw line. It’s the element of not caring or trying to be cool that makes them both SO cool.

The VS model with her seemingly not styled, messy, tousled bedhead and soft smokey eyes walking around in her lingerie in front of an audience with a flirty smile as if it were any other day and not the average person’s nightmare. Then there’s Bond getting into to fist fights on top of trains, dangling from the sides of buildings and slipping out of every predicament and into the next without breaking a sweat and keeping a monotone, unamused voice. The ultimate Mr. Cool.

Regardless if you fall into the mainstream standards or follow the beat of your own drummer, as long as you carry yourself as if you’re proud and no one is watching, you can get away with anything.

Here are 10 things to try to look like you’re NOT trying:


1. Always look comfortable. If you are wearing something that makes you fidget or you’re constantly readjusting – forget it. The Laundry Room tees are a good comfy option.
2. Work with what you have, not against it. If you have big boobs don’t squeeze into a tiny top. If you have curly hair – let your diva fro flourish.
3. Keep good posture. Standing straight makes you look confident.
4. Ignore the bad and acknowledge the good. Accept all the compliments you receive and constantly remind yourself of them so that you’re not conscious of the criticisms you hear, especially from yourself.

5. Wearing something worn or vintage always brings an element of being laid back. I have a solid collection of old leather.  You can try Current/Elliott shredded jeans for the same vibe.
6. Pretend that nothing is accidental. Your shirt is wrinkled? You did that on purpose to go for that hipster vibe. Chipped nail polish? Your own DIY version of crackle.
7. Shrug a lot. When people question your motives just shrug and say “whatever.” You don’t need to explain and justify yourself beyond “because I like it.” Unless you’re in court…then you should probably explain yourself.
8. Laugh loudly. People who are happy and having a good time always look relaxed.
9. Wear sunglasses – but only at appropriate times. You all know what I mean. Try some cool shades from House of Harlow 1960.
10. Don’t always be so engrossed with your phone. It's always obvious when people are using their phones to try to not appear lonely or to avoid interacting with people. It doesn’t work – we can still tell that you’re lonely or feel awkward.

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