[Confused] Reactions to the MTV Video Music Awards

12:20 PM

My Sunday evening was dedicated to the interesting events that took place at the MTV Video Music Awards…minus the hour I took to watch Breaking Bad. I'm so very grateful for the hour-long, necessary break that kept me jaw-dropped, gasping at my TV (the BB fans know what I'm talking about) and no, not because of Miley Cyrus.

As I sat and watched the VMA's with my parents, who were as confused as I was, I can only imagine the look on my face the entire time, minus the *NSYNC reunion, naturally. Here are some of my thoughts of last night's show.

First off, I know that normally the host of these award shows are super corny and somewhat annoying, but it kind of felt awkward without one. And although I have a fond place in my heart for Kevin Hart, I was disappointed he totally ruined the *NSYNC vibe by joking about Joey Fatone farting and losing his breath. I mean, clearly the one we had to be worried about was Chris Kirkpatrick, but he held his own even when his trap door malfunctioned. You go, Glen Coco.

This is exactly how I felt every time they showed Ms. Swift on my TV screen AKA every two seconds. But on a serious note and the real reason behind this GIF, someone was a little testy when the boys of One Direction showed up on stage. Guess everything isn't resolved with that whole…situation. Poor Selena Gomez. I would have tried to awkwardly not pay attention too.

I just…can't. There are no words for this. The only good thing to come from this performance was this beyond amazing family photo:

Other highlights from the night included:

Lady Gaga prancing around in a seashell thong and a mermaid wig. Hey, if you have that body and confidence, by all means, do your thing.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were amazing performing 'Same Love' with a guest appearance by Jennifer Hudson.

Katy Perry closed the show with a Rocky-themed 'Roar' underneath the Brooklyn Bridge

This epic tweet that summed up the entire night from none other than Lena Dunham:

Lena Dunham

What did you think of last night's VMA show?

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