Create Your Own Movie Moments with These Easy Tips

11:15 AM

You know when you’re watching a movie and somehow everything seems to magically work out for the main character in ways that seemingly never happen for you? If your life is anything like mine, all your life changing opportunities are presented at the worst times. The cute guy is standing beside you in the coffee line and you’re dressed like a bum, you get invited to the party/networking event of the century and you won’t have time to go home and change beforehand,   your pants rip on the way to your interview, or your heels already blistered your feet and your date with your future husband has just begun.

The secret to having those perfect movie moments play out like your dreams is attention to detail and a good attitude. The smallest things can ruin an epic moment. Here is what you can do to prepare 

so that your life can play out like those moments on the big screen:

1. Prepare everything for the next day before you go to bed. Make it a habit and you won’t be rushing every morning and forgetting essentials as a result.
2. Always carry extra panties. You just never know when you’ll need them.
3. Keep an extra set of makeup at work. Sometimes you need a touch-up after the rain or a hot sweaty day. If you don’t have a place to keep makeup at work, carry the essentials in your purse – just the essentials though…not the whole make up counter.
4. Carry travel size deodorant/perfume. Odors can ruin a good moment.

joie5. Keep safety pins, bandages, hair clip or bobby pins on hand. These are all tiny lifesavers than can prevent wardrobe malfunctions or save you on a bad hair day. The joie Mabel bag in Black is a good size, versatile handbag to carry all your belongings in.

Yosi Samra6. Keep flats in your bag. If you’re wearing heels and they’re uncomfortable to the point that bandages won’t save you, those little roll up flats will save your life and the night. You can buy a pair at your local drugstore or a cute pair of Yosi Samra flats.
7. Keep gum/mints with you at all times. Bad breath is the number one destroyer of movie moments.

Parker8. Wear day-to-night transitional pieces. A cute dress like the Parker Mara Combo dress in Crème Chateau with a By Chance Sonia Leather Sleeve Cardigan in Black is a great outfit for work with a pair of flats. Switch into heels and take off the cardigan if you have a party to go right after work.
9. Save your rainy day funds for emergency shopping in case you can’t make it home to change for a big event or need a last minute salon visit.
10. Say yes more often. Just because an event seems too intimidating or you’re not prepared, don’t turn down an invitation. You never know who you’ll meet or where one event will take you.

It's no wonder our purses are always so heavy with all these things we have to carry… Now go live out your movie moments!

Yours truly,


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