How To Not Look like a Tourist in the Rain

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Rain, rain go away come again while I’m on vacation in the Bahamas. Rain sucks. Unless you’re trying to sleep or overindulge in carbs (guilty!), then it’s the perfect motivation. The sidewalks in the city become filled with slow-walking, umbrella-carrying, rain-boot-wearing, frizzy-hair-having pedestrians that all have the same grimace as the horizontal rain sprinkles onto their faces, making their umbrellas mostly useless.


I was near the Meatpacking District meeting some friends for a lazy Sunday carb-loading Italian dinner (check out the tiramisu above) while checking out everyone’s drizzle style and taking creeper shots. The rain stayed at a consistent drizzle/fuzzy sprinkle all day so people were dressed across the board. I caught some overly prepared tourists walking around in their candy colored PVC ponchos who looked like they were ready for a monsoon, and locals who were mostly dressed in light hooded jackets, hats or completely unprepared as if it was just another sunny day. I met a group of friends all with their individual styles to combat the elements.


Street Style

Alice came prepared with her anorak and umbrella and a bright smile despite the gloomy weather.  I love the leather satchel and loafers to match. Notice the Christmas themed nails? (Never too early – or late – to get in the spirit!) Try the Haute Hippie Military Anorak paired with some leather accessories for this look.


Penney was the perfect balance of sweet and edgy. Juxtaposing her lace shirt layered under a sleek leather moto jacket paired with Audrey Hepburn-esque studded flats. Try the TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Sargeant Jacket for a sweet edgy piece to layer over your lace with a pair of Yosi Samra ballet flats.

Rain Boots

Now, I’m not a fan of rain boots – only type of boot that I proudly don’t own in my 100-some shoe collection – so I strongly commend Vera here. One of the few times I have seen someone wearing rain boots and make them look so effortlessly cool – not to mention they’re a unique pair of boots on their own. Paired with a black leather jacket and oversized casual top – perfection! Try the VEDA Max summer leather jacket to get this cool look.

My personal style tips for a rainy day include:

  1. A hooded jacket (no umbrella for me)
  2. Pleather moto boots (in place of rain boots)
  3. Hairspray (to give me a false sense of control over my frizzy hair)
  4. All black (so when I get soaked nothing gets dirty or becomes translucent)

Wishing you all many dry stylish days to come!

Yours truly,


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