Video on Instagram to Change Social Media?

3:54 PM

Today Instagram released their new Video on Instagram feature that is going to shut down Vine (and possibly Keek), in my opinion, and, potentially change the way businesses connect with customers. Instagram has become a social outlet for people all over the world to share their most intimate, humorous, proud and random moments. Ever since it was bought by Facebook, Instagram has been making subtle changes to become the “big dog” in social media.

The newest addition to Instagram was the ability to tag people in your pictures, which then show up on that person's profile under a separate tab, much like Facebook. Now with Video on Instagram, things are really going to change. Battling with Twitter's Vine, here are the reasons I already love Video:

1. You don't need to gain new followers or set up an account because you already have one! Everyone who already follows you is able to view your videos.

2. Instagram videos stream right into your regular Instagram feed, which is super convenient.

3. Fifteen seconds is a lot more than 6 seconds. Plus, the ability to choose filters and a cover image? Yes, please! I hate when I”m making a dumb face in a video and that, of course, becomes the cover photo.

4. We're able to go behind the scenes of our favorite companies. Tons and tons of designers, retail stores, models, etc. post behind the scenes photos to Instagram. Now with the ability of showing off a certain outfit, store, fashion show and more things will definitely change.

5. It serves as a great way to store mini home videos. Plus, it will be fun to look at your Instagram feed on a Sunday after the whole weekend of being out…helllloo funny-wasted-people videos!

What's your opinion of Video on Instagram?

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