Make Sure You’re Wearing Your Leggings the Right Way

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We love leggings, jeggings, and all that stretchy goodness. They’re far more comfortable than any pair of those constricting skinny jeans that we have been magically able to squeeze into. Sometimes not so gracefully with the classic wide leg squat and jump, with fingers gripping  belt loops upward for dear life maneuver, wondering when would be the day we’d rip one off. Then we’d disguise muffin tops and became pros at sucking in our gut that it became second nature and we actually convinced ourselves we were that skinny. That is, until we got home peeled our jeans off and caught a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror as we exhaled. Ugh.

We have evolved and those days are behind us. We now have the comfort of yoga pants with the style of top designer denim. But when you’re wearing pants that cling and squeeze with the same unforgiving nature as shapewear, you must be aware of what you look like from all angles. Before you throw on your favorite pair of leggings and head out the door- check yourself. Here are some tips to turn heads for all the right reasons:

Rag & Bone1. First and foremost – make sure your leggings are not transparent. To be safe make sure you’re wearing a pair of leggings that are finished like a pair of jeans, AKA, jeggings. They’re made with heavier weight fabrics and don’t become see-through when stretched or when you bend over. Try a pair of the Bomber legging in Wakefield.

By Chance2. Beware cheese. Cottage cheese that is, you know, cellulite. If you have a lot of bounce and jiggle people will notice. If you want to disguise it try wearing a longer top that skims over your behind like a By Chance Jenna Sweatshirt in Black/Navy.
3. Avoid panty lines. No matter how many times I warn you, it will not be enough to stop all the future violators.

Frye4. Avoid the Ice Cream Cone. When you’re more top heavy or have wide hips and have skinny ankles, wearing leggings can distort your proportions and give you the silhouette of an ice cream cone (big on top, teeny-tiny on bottom). Avoid this by wearing shoes or boots that give your ankles a little more thickness and create a similar illusion as wearing straight leg pants. A pair of Frye boots will do the trick.
5. Be adventurous. Leggings come in other colors and patterns besides solid black. Try Pencey Printed leggings in Blue or J Brand Metallic gold for some fun.
6. Be professional. You can wear leggings to the office with a SMYTHE long shawl blazer in white.
7. NO CAMEL TOE! Please check yourself.

JOIE8. Add length to your legs. Wear the same color shoe, preferably heels, if you want to make your limbs look extra long. A pair of JOIE Dalton Suede ankle boots paired with black leggings are a flattering combination.
9. Beware the whiskers. If you have noticeable front whiskers in the crotch region of your leggings, especially a pair that has a fly, that means they’re too tight. Try going up a size.
10. Avoid a saggy booty. The beauty of leggings is they can boost and shape your rump to look curvy and tight like you’ve been in the gym for hours. Don’t ruin it with an ill fitting pair of leggings.

Go enjoy your new found comfort and don’t be afraid to bust out a yoga move or two!

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