Note to Self: Put On Your Big Girl Panties.

12:07 PM

Dear ladies (and some European men):

Pay attention. Recall your routine as you prepare for a typical day. Your hair, face, outfit, shoes and accessories are all on point. There’s one thing you forgot. It may seem petty, and maybe you didn’t know or maybe you thought no one would notice, but guess what…we noticed. We, the world behind you, are staring…talking about “it.” “It” is the dreaded VPL: Visible Panty Line.

Oh, you threw on that loose flowy dress and thought it would be okay to wear a thong? Wrong! That loose jersey dress is actually skimming and clinging to every curve of your body and with every step you take we can see the floral imprints on your lace unmentionables.

It’s not just the VPL you should beware of. There are numerous ways your panties can ruin a perfectly good outfit. Don’t be a victim.

1. Going nude. Just because the color is labeled as “nude” doesn’t mean it’s nude on you. If you have dark skin you might have to wear black or brown. If you’re fair you might need white. If you’re wearing something sheer, we can see any color that isn’t the same as your skin tone. Commando Underwear thongs are available in black or white.
2. DO NOT wear patterned underwear when wearing white. EVER. I don’t know who's telling you ladies that you can get away with cheetah print underwear with white jeans. You can’t.
3. Shapewear is your best bet under any fabric that skims or clings. You won’t have VPL but be careful that it's not too tight around your thighs to the point that its creating visible thigh bulge.

4. In those instances that you’re wearing a sheer skirt or dress, you should wear a slip. Stay classy.
5. Look behind you. Check if you have VPL before heading out the door. Do a bend over test.
6. Don’t go commando. There are biological happenings that I won’t mention that are much more embarrassing than VPL.
7. Do a sit test. Make sure that your underwear isn’t visible when you sit down in your low rise jeans. Remember, crack is whack.

Equipment 8. You skipped laundry day and you don’t have the appropriate underwear to avoid VPL? Just wear a long cardigan that covers your bum until you get your life together. The Equipment Asher V Neck Sweater is a comfy choice.
9. Thongs are necessary sometimes, no matter how uncomfortable you might think they are. Cosabella thongs are cute, lacey and colorful.
10. Lace and jersey knits don’t mix well. That goes for bras too. It just appears rough and bumpy on the surface and it’s super distracting.

Now go flaunt your ASSets.

Yours truly,


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