Personalize Your iPhone Case…With Tape?

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My mom always jokes that I'm an 80-year-old woman (no disrespect!) stuck in a 22-year-old body and, to an extent, I don't disagree. I'm all about DIY projects and crafting unique, adorable items I find online through completely random blogs. I get bored pretty quickly after having the same nail color on for more than a week, keeping the same phone case on for months, etc. Example: I bought a new iPhone case three days ago and I'm already done with it.

Look out for a cool and simple DIY iPhone case that no one else will have after the jump!

I've been dying to create my own iPhone case using washi tape. Unless you're into DIY projects, crafting or spending hours on Pinterest, then you probably don't know what washi tape is. Let me explain. Washi tape originated from Japan and it's similar to masking tape, but it's way prettier. Typically made from natural fibers, washi tape is durable and, unlike duct tape, it's a lot easier to remove.

Washi TapeWashi tape is literally taking over the world. There are tons of places to buy washi tape online whether it be Wishy Washi Tape, Etsy, Cute Tape and more! They sell hundreds of thousands of patterns and colors. So if you're like me and get bored from the same old iPhone case that everyone and their mother has, then check out this super easy DIY.

I'm sure after this DIY you'll become washi tape-obsessed, so take a look at another 55 ways to use washi tape from Buzzfeed!

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