NYC Pride Parade: Straight People Rock Rainbows Too

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Gay PrideHappy Pride! The pride parade is something I always look forward to every year I’m in New York City, especially this year with the death of DOMA. A couple was carrying a poster that read “Together for 20 years, married for 8, finally legal.” People lined the streets from Midtown on 5th Avenue all the way down to Greenwich, watching from behind the barricades or from apartment windows and balconies.

Pride is a celebration of acceptance of self and others. It’s a huge crowd of people getting together to stand out.  The only people who look out of place are the tourists who accidentally stumble into the crowd with horrified and confused looks on their faces when they catch a glimpse of all the gyrating hips, speedos and nipple tape.

New York CityPride is more than a celebration of flamboyance and bright colors reminiscent of all the Lisa Frank supplies we had in school. Everyone is there to celebrate love, support one another, uplift the insecure and to sing along to Lady Gaga. We’re reminded to follow our passion despite what uncalled for judgement may follow and as long as we do so with good intention. Walking through the sea of people, you’re showered with compliments, smiles, eye contact and the occasional embrace. It’s a total opposite atmosphere to the standard, cold New York we’re all used to with people rushing and never acknowledging the existence of strangers.

Here is your list so that you can be prepared to celebrate pride with us next year or whenever/wherever you want:

1. Glitter:  just roll around in a lot of it.
2. Giant rainbow flag: wave it on a big stick or wear it as a cape.
3. This Is Genevieve Field of Dreams Dress in Rainbow – The ultimate rainbow dress!

Headband 4. Mini rainbow flag: wave it around in the air, wear it as a bandana, tie it like as ascot or roll it into a headband.
5. Spandex anything: as long as it’s bright and tight.

Rebel Yell 6. Rebel Yell NY Ringer Tee: if you wear all black, all the time and want a mini shot of color, this is the perfect tee for you.
7. Primary Color Block Python Portfolio: great way to carry your belonging in color.
8. Sequins: in case the glitter isn’t enough.

Gay Pride Parade 9. Anything rainbow: shorts, tanks, tops, tees, socks, butterfly wings, hair dye, underwear, anything goes.
10. Superga sneakers: you’ll need a pair of comfortable shoes.

Enjoy your celebration of life and love and embrace the glitter, because nothing gets rid of glitter.

“…When everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless, rather than fighting for humans that have had their rights stolen. I might not be the same, but that's not important. No freedom till we're equal, damn right I support it.” – Macklemore, Same Love

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