The Art of Dancing the Night Away and Winning Over Hugh Jackman

10:45 AM

The end of the week has finally arrived and you’re ready to let loose and let off some steam.  You're going to get dolled up just so you can go sweat it all off on the dance floor.  Guys don't understand that, despite the dim lights of the night life scene, and their preference for “natural beauty” (you know the guys who say they don't like makeup but think Kim Kardashian is hot…um, what?)  that half the fun of going out is the ritual of applying the war paint to our faces and picking outfits in preparation for potentially running into Hugh Jackman on the dance floor. It's our modern form of meditation. 

Too bad all our hard work, without fail, unravels by the end of the night and we return home looking like Hugh-Jackman-less, raccoon war refugees.

Here are some tips to being worry free and remaining attractive and confident throughout the night:

Donna Mizani1. Wear black. No one can tell that you’re sweating profusely in all black. The Donna Mizani Double Side Cut Out Flounce Dress in Black is a sexy option and it comes in red if you're feeling bold.

Rachel Zoe 2. Wear boots. It is so much easier to dance in closed toed shoes and not have to worry about being stepped on or ankle straps rubbing your feet raw. Rachel Zoe London Ankle Boots in Black will carry you through a night of dancing and to the office Monday morning.
3. Keep a hair tie or clip in your bag. When your hair starts to fall flat throw your hair into a cute top knot.
4. Go out with a small crossbody purse. That way you can dance all night hands free. The Rebecca Minkoff Mini Skylar Bag is a great option to add some color if you choose the all black outfit option.
5. Waterproof makeup. Keep your makeup simple and make sure your mascara and eyeliner are waterproof. That way you don’t have dark rings under your eyes and you won’t have to worry about your makeup creasing on your eyelids.

Current/Elliott6. Wear a flowy dress or top. It makes your dance moves look so much cooler when you spin and shake, and you won’t have to keep pulling down or adjusting your hem all night. See Tip #1 for a great dress option or try out the Feel The Piece Flash Top in Black with a pair of sexy Current/Elliott leather skinnies if you haven't had a chance to shave your legs.
7. Practice your dance moves in front of the mirror at home so you don’t feel self conscious and hold back. Everyone loves the girl who’s smiling and carefree. Even if you suck at dancing, own it.
8. Make sure your nail polish isn’t chipped. The bouncers in NYC notice. Trust me.
9. Test it out. It’s a good idea to try your dance moves in the fitting room or store in a new outfit or pair of shoes before you hit the dance floor. Better to find out before you spend your cash than to ruin a good night out.
10. If you roll around in manure you will attract pigs. Basically, don’t act surprised if you get scummy guys hitting on you if your dancing ratchet in a ratchet outfit. (Use Urban Dictionary if necessary).

Now go out and shake what your mama gave you! And Hugh, if you’re reading this, call me.

Yours truly,


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