The Clueless Outfit Generator is Now a Reality!

11:19 AM

We don't think we've ever met a girl who isn't completely envious of Cher Horowitz's infamous outfit generator from Clueless. Let's get real: a computer database that easily puts together matching outfits without even having to try anything on? Come on. It's a dream come true!

Although nothing will ever take the spot Cher's outfit generator (as if!), there is an app that basically recreates the idea. Available for girl's and guy's, Stylish Girl & Cool Guy allow people to upload pictures of their wardrobe into categories (tops, bottoms, etc.) and see how the outfit will look when paired together. Not only can you generate outfits, but this fashion app allows you to shop items you may want in your wardrobe and you can even see how it will look with existing pieces before purchasing.

The Stylish Girl app keeps track of your outfits so don't worry about repeating an outfit you already wore. Plus, if you love an outfit share it on Facebook or Twitter with your friends. This app also helps you pack for vacation! Simply thumb through your wardrobe and pick the items you want to travel with and add them to your suitcase.

Click here to get this helpful and fun app!

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