Want to Twerk But Don’t Know How? Here Are Some Fun Tips

10:09 AM

Miley CyrusTwerking is the booty shaking craze that’s swept the nation. It's sexual, it's funny and everyone should try it at least once whether it’s in public or private – no pressure. Twerking does not discriminate against men or women, big or small. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone’s invited, unless you’re being creepy. If you are new to twerking or looking to improve your current skill follow these tips and tricks.

1. Music sets the mood. You need the right song with the right kind of beat. Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’ is the perfect song.
2. Watch twerking videos to get the right technique down. Just be careful not to end up in that weird part of YouTube.
3. If you’re going out in public to twerk, make sure you’re with a good group of people you can get weird with. Twerking attracts strange people so make sure your posse has good defense.

Studded Shorts4. Twerking is best done in shorts or pants. RUNWAYDREAMZ Gia Leopard Panel Studded Shorts in Black are a fun pair of shorts to go out in. If you want to keep that thigh meat under control while you’re shaking it wear a pair of Frankie B. Jeans BFF Stripe Jegging in Black/White is stretchy enough to let you show off all your moves.
5. Have the right attitude. It’s supposed to be funny, so don’t take yourself too seriously.

Doc Martens6. Wear some comfortable shoes. Since you’ll be in the squat position a lot, I don’t recommend heels for a night of twerking. Wear a cool pair of silver studded Dr. Martens.
7. Stay hydrated. Twerking is a real workout.
8. Maintain your dignity. Don’t twerk in professional settings.

Dimepiece LA9. Get in the mood from head to toe. A Dimepiece LA beanie will get you in the right mindset.
10. Twerk in moderation. Know the right time and place to twerk. Don’t overdo it like some people. *cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*….

Now shake what your momma gave you! Its about having a good time and letting loose.

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