Yo Ho Ho and a Box Full of Gold

11:15 AM

In another life I was a pirate. I love gold, treasures, and trinkets and scope out lucky pennies on a daily basis to add to my collection of “booty.” I like to rebel against society and if I knew how to go about obtaining and operating a yacht piled high with gold and living on the high seas, I would. My jewelry is stowed away in protective chests, each piece carrying a memory or some type of sentimental importance. I’ve told you before about my lucky bullet, which is the most sentimentally important treasure I own and the reason I wear it every day (regardless if it matches my outfit or not).

I notice many people wearing their sentimental pieces on a regular basis. It's usually the small trinkets that don’t necessarily match and are dainty. These understated pieces we carry are usually tied to some significant event or person or because we wear them so much we feel they are witnesses to major parts of our lives.

While pirating on the Upper West Side, I met some street stylers to ask them about their trinkets and what makes them important.

Upper West Side


Jocelyn has a taste for the finer things – she’s a Tiffany’s girl. Her trinkets are all gifts from her boyfriend and mother. “The key was a gift from my mom on my 21st birthday.” If any of Jocelyn’s friends are reading this, you know where to shop on her next birthday. Get a Shay Accessories Pave Diamond link bracelet for a link bracelet similar to Jocelyn’s.

New York City


Jefferson, a personal stylist, said his diamonds were a gift to himself, the watch was stolen from his father and the wishbone necklace (that I’m obsessed with) was a gift in a “swag bag” at a fashion show. The wishbone reads “be brave and free.”  Grab a Jennifer Zeuner Hamsa necklace for a piece that’s iconic for bringing good luck just like Jefferson’s wishbone.



Meet cutie, beach babe Delaney from Wilmington, NC. This film studies major was wearing a necklace with two charms given to her by her mother. One charm is her initial, the other is a camera. The ring was a souvenir she got in Mexico on vacation when she was 8 years old.  You can get a horizontal cross necklace from Jennifer Zeuner just like the one Delaney has paired with her necklace.

Maybe it wasn’t a past life that I was a pirate in. Maybe I’m just a modern day, land ridden, penny collecting pirate with a jewelry collection that could make Black Beard jealous. That's what I like to pretend, anyway.

Yours truly,


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