Rachel’s Radar: Clothes Minded

11:15 AM

Graphic TeesWhat are your clothes saying about you? Do you realize that your clothing is an extension of what you are and whom you portray? It’s not always easy to know because much like having smelled like you haven't taken a shower after a long workout or spinach is in your teeth, people are not likely to tell you when you are dressed inappropriately. The goal is to determine the ultimate message you want to send and for the most part, that message is simple: You want to appear like you can express yourself and that you ultimately belong. 

Graphic TeesEach office, whether it’s a law firm or doctors office, has some sort of dress code to their standards. If you adhere to it, you signal to everyone that you are part of the team. This is not to say that individuality and uniqueness can’t be expressed, but sometimes the best impressions are made when you are wearing what makes you feel the most comfortable. I like to use accessories, nail art/color, quirky sunglasses, etc. to express myself.

WildfoxRemember: ON WEEKENDS DRESS CODE DOES NOT APPLY! Recently, my favorite way of expression is through these cool Wildfox tees I have collected over the years from SINGER22. These tees are really soft and cozy so they are great to throw on with anything. They are so cool and allow me to say what is on my mind without having to voice it out loud. A few of my favorites say “Sugar High,” “Bite Me,” “Reality Bites” and “Addicted To Love.” They are so carefree and just fun to wear. I love that for once my personality doesn’t have to come from my verbal interaction, but rather from simple and cute messages on my clothing.

I found this quote to be interesting when posting and felt it just describes my point perfectly. “I don't see how an article of clothing can be indecent. A person, yes,” said Robert A. Heinlein. There is no need to go through life close-minded and inexpressive!

“No writer, no matter how gifted, immortalizes himself unless he has crystallized into expressive and original phrase the eternal sentiments and yearnings of the human heart.” Alfred De Vigny

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