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I took a trip back to the South for Mother’s Day weekend to surprise my mom. She’s impossible to shop for, so being the narcissist I am, I thought I was the best present to show up on her doorstep. No one knew I was visiting, so when I showed up with a bouquet of flowers (above) and walked through the front door at dinnertime everyone was thrilled. I was relieved that she was so happy to see me because I figured I would either be welcomed with excitement or scolded for being so good at lying for a month about the planned trip and sneaking down the East Coast.


My trip was brief and of course it was in no time that the NYC's magnetic pull had me back on a plane Sunday night. Everyone was on their way back home after visiting Mom for the weekend, so what better time to snap creeper pics than when everyone is experiencing separation anxiety. I decided to go for candid shots this week as not to disturb people on their journey home – that and I felt like playing super spy while waiting to board my plane.

It’s always a challenge to look cute and effortless on a flight. You don’t want to overdo it and look like you’re trying too hard, but you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed (or maybe you do, it’s your prerogative). The key is not to wear anything that wrinkles easily or anything that needs constant adjusting or concentration to wear, like sky high heels. Otherwise you’ll just look like a noob when all your polished clothes end up creased and you’re stumbling down the ramp like Courtney Love after a night of partying when you’re trying to regain the feeling back in your butt and legs after sitting for so long. On the flip side, its best not to wear baggy clothes head to toe or you’ll look like the infamous potato sack. Take a tip from these fashionistas courtesy of my super sky skills:


This girl knows its all about the accessories: bright graphic tote, Cartier bangle, monogrammed necklace and Ray-Bans. Get a pair of Ray-Bans for yourself with a Jet by John Eshaya tote.


These ladies are two prime examples of the oversized sweater and legging travel uniform down. Knits are a travelers best friend. That, and a top knot. Take it to the next step and get a pair of printed Pencey leggings.

Chelsea Flower

A duster or oversized cardigan are great ways to add color and pattern without looking like you’re trying too hard. The Chelsea Flower Ruched Sleeve Blazer in White Snake it just as cool and easy.

Cheers to a life of travel, a Happy Mother’s Day and hopefully no lawsuits!

Yours truly,


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