Fashion Faux Pas: How to Not Be a Victim

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Hope you’re all enjoying this extension of winter and know that the groundhog has been rightfully indicted (LOL). Check the news if you don’t know what I’m referring to. We’re all still bundled up in coats and scarves in NYC. Try a SMYTHE blazer under a detachable fur coat collar for a look similar to mine.

A ‘faux pas’, as I’m sure you all know, is the refined French way that we like to refer to a social blunder. Because everything sounds better in French, including our embarrassing fashion mishaps.

So how do you avoid becoming a Fashion Faux Pas victim?

Simple. Never cross anyone who is capable of having an opinion. Truth is, someone out there is always going to hate what you’re wearing or how you’re wearing it. And contrary, someone is going to love it! We as a fashion community have agreed that certain individuals’ opinions matter more than others, but even those highly regarded individuals can’t agree on a set list of what constitutes a perfect wardrobe to suit everyone. The beauty of fashion is the artistic freedom we all wield when dressing and decorating our canvas of a human body. But when you’re in doubt about a certain outfit consult the following guidelines:

  1. The fit is flattering.
  2. The color is flattering.
  3. You feel confident and somewhat comfortable.
  4. You look hygienic.
  5. You look interesting.

The above guidelines are relative to culture, personal opinion, trends, income, etc.; so you’ll have to use your best judgment. Sometimes an unflattering fit is “in” or maybe Calvin Klein will say greasy hair is the new effortless sex appeal. So the golden rule above all else: Own it.

Whatever “it” may be for you.

Fashion Institute of Technology

I asked the passerby's outside the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) what they thought were the most annoying Faux Pas.



Ung-Min Lee, from Korea said she doesn’t like to see people dressed in ridiculous amounts of fur. Check out all the special details of her outfit. She pointed out the “holy child” on the back of her varsity jacket. I want one. Get the look with a SIMONE varsity jacket.


Meghan from Albany, NY says her pet peeve is seeing people mix black and navy. She adorably ran back to tell me that she realized her coat could be considered navy and felt guilty for having just admitted that. However, we agreed the coat was more of a royal blue and she was in the clear. Get the look by pairing Yosi Samra snakeskin ballet flats or Steve Madden leopard flats for a wild pop with your solids.


Milo from England with his swoon-worthy accent stated, “Ill-fitting trousers or clothing that’s too big is something I’ve seen a lot of in America.” Agreed! Try a pair of Red Wing boots for a similar look that can transition into spring.

My personal annoyance is seeing girls struggling to walk in heels (especially on the cobblestones in Meatpacking). When I say “annoyance,” what  I really mean is “source of entertainment.” They remind me of baby giraffes I’ve seen on Animal Planet learning to walk for the first time. Cruel, I’m sorry.


At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is your own. Just don’t be stubborn about input from others when it comes to tips on gaining acceptance in particular situations (like a job interview or meeting the parents). By the way check out some of the cool FIT truck graffiti Korey, from the Singer22 family, spotted below (disclaimer: we do not condone vandalism no matter how cool the photo opp., but what’s done is done).


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