In My World it’s Better to be Sorry than Safe

11:15 AM

Better safe than sorry?  I’d rather take risks and live to tell the story. Although I do feel safer knowing that Spider-Man is protecting the streets here in NYC…

SpidermanYou know when you do something stupid, intentionally, thinking it’s a brilliant idea at the time – only to turn around and realize how terrible of a decision it was. Take today for example. On the way to the gym, a good friend and I were about to go through the subway turnstile when she realized she forgot her card at home. So our brilliant minds decided to get close and go through as one person. So we swiped the card, pushed through and made it to the other side (success!)…right in front of two police officers…LOL! Turns out that’s illegal (who knew?) and it’s a $100 fine per person. Luckily they were nice enough to let us go with a warning, but in retrospect we probably should’ve checked to see that there weren’t cops around…or…errh…I mean we should’ve been good citizens and not have tried to cheat the system? Yea – that one.

This little incident had me thinking about all my style choices in the past that now, in retrospect, I realize were horribly misguided but made for great laughs. 

For instance, the fact that it took me YEARS to realize that my tumbleweed-like, frizzy curly hair was not sleek white girl hair and that none of my hairstyles looked as cool, or anything like that of Hilary Duff’s character, Lizzie McGuire, who I idolized.

So on my journey to the gym, I decided to ask passersby what their past style blunders were.

Street Style

SubwayCatherine, who I found so flawlessly poised in the subway, said her biggest misguidance was that it took her a long time to realize she could wear what she wanted and didn’t have to follow the crowd. A truly important fashion epiphany that I wish on all of humanity. Try this Torn by Ronny Kobo for a similar version of Catherine's flirty dress.

New York City

FashionMarcel was outside FIT enjoying the gorgeous weather. His past style regret was wearing his silver baggy pants. “It was bad,” was his remark. Please take note o the matching headphones, pocket square and blazer. Especially the pocket square. Try pairing any of the cool Chaser graphic tees with a blazer and pocket square for an effortless polished looked like Marcel's.

Street StyleFashion Insitute of TechnologySunglasses Lisa’s regret was, “That I ever wore Uggs.” Amen. A style mishap that we are all guilty of, but a trend that never seems to die. She stole my heart with all her cool trinkets, accessories and skort. Try the LOVE LEATHER high-waist mini skirt in black paired with your favorite vintage tee for a cool look like Lisa’s.

We all make terrible decisions at some point but that’s okay because we walk away with great stories and learned lessons. And if you don’t make bad decisions at some points in your life, then you’re probably a pretty damn boring person.

Yours truly,


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